Outfit of the Week: Nifty and thrifty


Feature photo by: Karissa March- Junior Mia LaMontagne poses underneath the baseball bleachers wearing a long sleeved Polo Ralph Lauren tee, loose jeans, and white tennis shoes. LaMontagne says, “I think it’s important to express yourself and for me I just have fun with fashion so it’s a good way to show your personality.” According to LaMontagne, her style inspiration comes from Instagram and she mainly shops at Goodwill because, “It’s better for the environment and I think they have really cute clothes that you can’t get anywhere else.” When asked if she has any advice on thrifting LaMontagne said, “Everyone asks me where I get my clothes from and I just go to Goodwill, go when they are having a 50% off sale and be patient. I feel like people go there for like two minutes and then give up.”