Suiting up for the “Snowflake Soirée”


Post Grad Center decorated (Dennae Pigford)

Post Grad Center decorated (Dennae Pigford)
Post Grad Center decorated (Dennae Pigford)

By Dennae Pigford, A&E Reporter

Winter formal is a dance that occurs at Rangeview every year at the end of January.

“Winter Formal is a dance where the girls ask the guys,” says freshman and student leadership representative, Danyion Regan.

Winter Formal week will take place during the week of January 20th-24th. This week includes fun activities and dress up days to excite kids for the dance.

“There’s going to be so many cool events like a movie night at the pool and the Mr. RHS available to all grades this year,” says Regan.

Dress up days include Tropical Day on Tuesday the 20th, Wacky Tacky/Ugly Sweater Day on Wednesday the 21st, Pajama Day on Thursday the 22nd, and Spirit Day on Friday the 23rd.

“It’s a nice mid-year refresher that brings the same kind of energy as Homecoming.” says Auston Brecht, Leadership Sponsor.

Winter Formal is an event held in order to get kids excited for school again as well as entertain students of all ages. Brecht will be attending the event seeing that leadership is sponsoring the event. It’s a good time, tons of fun, good food, and a student DJ will even be present.

Just because Winter Formal isn’t as big of a deal as Homecoming doesn’t mean that the effort and energy isn’t there. As Regan goes on to explain,

“On a work ethic scale of 1-10, Winter Formal is about an 8 or 9. Homecoming is a 10,” claimed Regan.

Winter Formal is something that takes a lot of creativity to produce; it’s not just simple ideas and posters.

“I’m excited to see how people react to something that I’ve created,” said Regan.

Even if you don’t plan on attending the dance, one might consider participating in the Winter Formal Week to support all the hard work put into the event.

“I don’t plan on attending the dance but I plan on dressing up and going to some of the other events held,” stated Aschenberg. “They should be fun and exciting”. Even though it’s not as big of an event, consider going. You may surprise yourself and have a great time.

And on the off chance that you don’t enjoy the dance, don’t hold back. Let people know. There is always room for improvement.

“Feedback is welcome to anyone willing to give it. Anything we can improve, let us know,” said Brecht.

So go, enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask that special guy or just go and hangout with your friends. It’s a great time for everyone.