Photo Essay: The beauty of nature


Ayla Fuentes, Review Contributor

Feature Photo By: Ayla Fuentes – A pile of leaves lay on the ground. Though we are a few months into fall, leaves can still be seen falling from the trees in some areas.

Every time I step outside, I’m met with the beauty of nature: the sun shining through the leaves, the cool feeling of the wind against my skin, and the song like sound of birds chirping.

The beauty of nature can be seen throughout the four seasons and it’s a beautiful view to see.

“It’s [nature] calming, peaceful, and takes your mind off of everything and it can help me get through things,” said Alexis Drummond, junior. “My favorite season is spring because I like the sound of the rain and it’s calming.”

I enjoy looking up at the sky and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. I love watching as the clouds move while I’m invested in my own thoughts. Every time I hear the sound of the rain hitting my window, I smile and listen closely.

Nature to me represents a fascinating object of study,” said Ian Ray, biology teacher. “Whenever I’m in nature, whether just a walk around the neighborhood, a hike in the mountains, or a long camping trip, I always am thinking about the interrelated nature of the natural world. Nature makes me feel both invigorated and intellectual and my favorite season would have to be summer. I love getting to be outside in the warm sun and explore all that Colorado has to offer.