2019 Male and Female Performers of the Year


Feature Provided By: Jordan Clanton and Gabriel Garyeazon – Seniors Gabriel Garyeazon and Jordan Clanton pose for their senior photos. Garyeazon and Clanton are being honored for performers of the year within the senior class.

By: Ruth Mesfin and Irl Paulalengan, Review Staff

Female Performer of the Year: Jordan Clanton (Ruth Mesfin)

When hearing the name Jordan Clanton, many think of the outstanding performer who contributes to making Rangeview’s community a place to remember.

Clanton has been involved in Advanced Performing Arts (APA) since her freshman year. She has performed in seven plays including High School Musical, Spamalot, Footloose, Urinetown, Spellingbee, Once upon a Mattress, and upcoming Chicago.

Having to overcome stressful challenges Clanton says, “I have always found it challenging to perform in different genres and skills. Also learning some more dance styles has helped me overcome my insecurities about dancing.” However many express their amazement of how talented of an actress she has grown to be within these four years.

Theater teacher Mrs. Anderson says, “She has an uncommon talent, not only does she work very hard, but she has good instincts about how to perform on stage.”

She is said to be a great role model to the theater community by being the President of the Thespian Club and being apart of activities such as softball, soccer, Tri-M, and NHS.

Clanton sings as she is held up by her cast mates from Chicago while she plays Roxie. Chicago is the seventh play Clanton has been in during her time at Rangeview (Ruth Mesfin).

Mrs. Anderson continues, “She has natural talent for sure, but she pushed that even further by working as hard as she can… she’s passionate, dedicated, and unexpected.”

Clanton’s passion for performing started in middle school with theatre production. She didn’t come to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue her career in performing arts until production of Footloose during her sophomore year.

Clanton plans on going to Florida to study musical theater hoping to be on stage long after high school. She aims to grow more by going down the path in performing arts because of her love of acting in front of an audience.

Senior Donovan Strouse says, “She’s a natural on the stage and has been an amazing Thespian President. I couldn’t be more proud of her to see her pushing her dream by majoring in theatre. She’s one of the most dedicated actress I know.”

Clanton advises new performers to get out of their comfort zone and do things they aren’t used to doing because- as it did for her- it will help them grow faster and help them have an enjoyable experience on stage.

Clanton ends off by saying, “I’m going to miss the diverse community we have at Rangeview as it is something I have taken for granted, and I know it unfortunately will be gone once I go to college. I have such a long journey ahead of me and I hope to grow as much as possible in college. I don’t exactly have a plan at this point in my life so I’m going all in for a career in performing arts and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”  

Male Performer of the Year: Gabriel Garyeazon (Irl Paulalengan)