2019 Male and Female Artists of the Year


Feature Photos By: Miriame Dulu (left, Chris Polton) and Lily Eberly (right, Laura Good) – Seniors Laura Good and Chris Polton pose for photos.

By: Lily Eberly and Miriame Dulu, Review Staff

Female Performer of the Year: Laura Good (Lily Eberly)

Ever since the 8th grade, senior Laura Good has been doing several different types of art, ranging from portraits to abstract. In 8th grade, Good joined choir, but she still felt that there was something missing. According to her, there was “a void.”

“I needed a creative outlet,” Good said. “I needed something fun to do.”

Many of her friends were apart of the art class. When she learned that she enjoyed creating art, at Rangeview she took art one, two, three, then four.

Beginning her junior year, she joined AP art classes.

Senior Kylee Tafoya, a close friend of Good said, “I have watched her grow. I saw all her art in middle school, and I see it now. I think she’s grown so much.”

Pictured above is a collage of Laura Good’s art. “The piece that I’m probably most proud of is my self portrait,” Good said. “It was really interesting to me when I did my most recent self portrait.” (Lily Eberly)

As the years have passed, it is noticeable that much progress has been made. Good likes seeing this growth, knowing that she can always improve.

Good she worries that not much of a living will be made if she goes into an art field for a career.

“Creative based careers are… they’re not stable,” Good said. “As long as it’s something I’m passionate about and as long as it continues to make me happy, it’ll be worth it.”

Good wants other to feel like they can do art too.

“If people want to do art, take a class, really get into it. Don’t make excuses for yourself,” said Good.

Good wouldn’t be where she is today without getting into an art class in 8th grade. She stayed determined through all her art and has created amazing pieces.

After her senior year, Good is planning on going to college at either Savannah College of Art and Design or Pratt Community College.

Male Performer of the Year: Chris Polton (Miriame Dimulu)