Auf Wiedersehen to German class


By Alivia Lee, A&E Editor

After three long decades, give or take a few years, German classes are quickly beginning to meet their extinction. The presence of the German language has slowly been dying out as the years have progressed and it has reached the point where next school year the only German class that will be offered is German two. Pulling out the other levels of German for the 2015-2016 school year is the first major step towards eliminating German classes as a whole.

Students have had mostly negative opinions on this situation.

“It really limits my opportunities out of high school unless I pursue another pathway of German,” said German two student Olivia Andre. “I’m highly upset.”

The main reason German is being pulled is that there was not enough student interests in taking the language.

“I’m sad and disappointed,” said German teacher Mrs. Dovas-Hudson. “Future Rangeview students won’t have the opportunity to learn the language. There has been a tradition of German here at Rangeview.”

As the years progress it might be time to say Auf Wiedersehen to German classes.