Rangeview’s Got Talent


All of the Performers before the winners were announced

By Schuyler Yager – Reporter

Last night, Rangeview students proved they’ve got what it takes to put on a show. The house was almost full in the theatre for the first talent show of this year. The acts included everything from comedy to dance to original music written by students.

Senior Cedric Agbo took first place with his unique dance moves, he left the crowd chanting his name after his performance. Jordan Jenkins, junior, took second after wowing the audience with her elegant dance. Lastly, sophomore DeShaun Harris took third place with his hilarious comedy act.

This morning, when asked about his performance Cedric said, “I did pretty well, I had good confidence” he also said. “I’ve been dancing for about 4 or 5 years and I’ve built my confidence through performing with groups.”

Cadric Agbo Performs

Everyone was sure to be told “break a leg” before you went on, and everyone was just happy to get the chance to show off their talent. Keeping quiet behind the curtain was difficult, because it was more important for everyone to cheer on the other performers.

“I enjoyed the show they did a good job,” Jordan Fuselier said. “I liked how it flowed and that they let the crowd interact. Cedric was my favorite but Eric killed it too,” referring to Eric Khat, who performed an original rap.

Some performers hopped off the stage into the crowd and others wanted to get the crowd hyped up. Everyone performing wanted to make sure that the audience enjoyed the show, win or lose, and the crowd was into the performances the whole time.