Teacher of the Year: Gebhardt wins big


Mrs.Gebhardt helps students with technology in the classroom.

Feature Photo: Mrs.Gebhardt helps students with  technology in the classroom.

By Vanessa Guereca, Reporter    

  From Speech and Debate, to leadership, Anna Gebhardt is committed to making the school better, and by doing so, she is this year’s 2015-2016 female teacher of the year.

   Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Mrs. Gebhardt was usually found outside playing sports. She played soccer, softball, ran cross country, and track. She moved to Colorado for college, as she attended the University of Denver. Mrs. Gebhardt is now married and is going for one year this June.

    “I chose Colorado for the change of scenery and because I love to be outside. I hike and bike all summer long,” said Mrs. Gebhardt, supporting her outdoorsy trait.

    She received her Master’s Degree and was excited to graduate early from DU; according to Mrs. Gebhardt, she just wanted to get it over with. She decided to become a teacher when she left high school. Mrs. Gebhardt hated her all of her high school teachers and thought that she could do a better job– her determination took her as far as to become teacher of the year for Rangeview.

    Mrs. Gebhardt has been teaching at Rangeview the past three years now, teaching mostly freshman English .  This school year, she taught freshman English once again and was also in charge of a speech class. Mrs. Gebhardt has also found time to be a sponsor for leadership and Speech and Debate this year.

    As a leadership sponsor, Mrs. Gebhardt is in charge of the sophomore class. She oversees events such as marathons, school events, helps out with homecoming, and other events one can think of at Rangeview. She also helps out with providing community service as she is in charge of contacting the organizations and such for the set up. When students are in need of service hours, they know they can go to her. Mrs. Gebhardt is also in charge of helping out the students with fundraising, coming up with ideas and collecting money.

    “She’s a great sponsor, she’s responsible and kind,” said sophomore class historian Maddie Heiken, “She’s very passionate and I have enjoyed having her as both my teacher freshman year and sponsor this year. I hope to continue working with her.”

    As for Speech and Debate, Mrs. Gebhardt says that they have had a very successful year. In October they swept the Speech Sweepstakes, taking home a win, and in December they won the Power Sweepstakes, bringing another win along with them. Mrs. Gebhardt’s favorite memory of the Speech and Debate Club was last school year, when it was first introduced with only three people; this year, there are a total of 17 people in the club.

    “I sponsor [Speech and Debate] because it is a skill everyone needs to have,” said Mrs. Gebhardt about the club. “There is no job where a student would not need to talk professionally at any point.”

     Mrs. Gebhardt agrees that the competitors have had a lot of individual success. Students such as sophomore Karina Estrada can agree that Mrs. Gebhardt has helped strengthen her abilities in the club and as person.  

  “She’s really helped me come out of my comfort zone,” said  Estrada. “She’s a great person and really generous.”

   With the plan of continuing to sponsor both organizations next year, it can be said that she’s had a pretty successful year herself along with her students.  Mrs. Gebhardt claims that she loves Rangeview and its environment and truly hopes to continue making a difference in her students.

   Earning  teacher of the year she says is a great privilege, “It’s really a great feeling,” said Mrs. Gebhardt. “It truly is a great honor.”