Too Many Humans


By: Abraham Torres, Columnist

Let’s state a fact; humans are made to reproduce to keep the world populated. There comes a time when the population is not growing, but when it’s growing at a rate that doesn’t match the death rate doesn’t match, it creates overpopulation. Rangeview High School is just too crowded to even breathe without getting some hair in your mouth because of the girl in front of you, especially in the math hallway. I feel like Dwight, from The Office on NBC, in the episode where he states, “We need a new plague.”

I don’t understand why the math hallway always gets super crowded so fast. Everyone is too squished with everyone, even the personal spaces of everyone start to fuse together. To make matters worse, there is always a group of students randomly standing on the side of the hallway, in the form of a perfect circle, having a conversation when no one’s locker is even in that area.

Junior Kordell Sorrell says it is chaos in the math hallway. “It feels weird walking along with so many people when we’re rubbing up against each other, along with sweat being left on your arms and cloths.” There are also certain people that don’t even spray on perfume/cologne or brush their teeth, so the halls smell terrible; it is nasty.
The math hallway is not the only thing that turns into traffic hour, but also the cafeteria. I can’t sit anywhere if I’m 2 minutes late to lunch. All the pizzas are taken, along with the chicken nuggets; people that are late are left hungry and have nowhere to sit. Just like in biology, where a species gets overpopulated, there is less food for everyone, less room, and the whole ecosystem just falls.

I love Rangeview and the people here make Rangeview an amazing place to be in, as well as a diverse place. However, as much as I love the students attending Rangeview, I hate how we all gather in one area and create traffic. We need to come up with a plan to prevent traffic during passing period, porfavor.