The new “fresh”men requirements


Sara Elouadi, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Sara Elouadi –  Junior Alicia Williams and sophomore Brigitte Gutierrez discuss the new requirements for freshmen. One of the new requirements includes the district capstone which Williams and Gutierrez found interesting that it had to be completed by senior year.

The 2017-2018 school year has kicked off, and the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education has introduced a major change that affects the freshman class. The changes consist of new graduation requirements, which incoming students must meet.

One of the new options the district is introducing is the District Capstone. The District Capstone is a project that overall shows 21st century understanding in English and math. In order for the Class of 2021 to graduate, students must have 22 credits and demonstrate 21st Century readiness in English and math.

But, what exactly does that mean? According to one of the assistant principals – Mrs. Strouse – this opens up opportunities for students to think about post high school plans and work towards being prepared for the workforce.

“This can be anything based on interest and what they connect to; it’s another way to prove the state that each student masters the necessary skills,” says Strouse. Students feel that the District Capstone is an important option for kids who aren’t very good at taking tests.

The Aurora Public Schools district has introduced the options above for the freshmen class of 2021, along with the following freshmen classes thereafter to follow. (Sara Elouadi)

The timeline, judges and standards are still an ongoing process.

Ariana Jones, a junior, said, “I feel bad for the Class of 2021. I think it’s extra work, but since the district doesn’t have it 110% worked out it may not work out in the system; I think it’ll meet opposition of students and teachers.”

On August 10th a freshman/parent meeting was held here at Rangeview to inform families of the changes.

Sarah Bendahmane, a freshman, said, “The option to do a project sounds fun, but how do they expect us to be prepared if plans aren’t even complete?”

Updates about the requirements will be continuous.

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