Mireya Marquez: On and off the field


Conscience Barbar, Review Staff

Feature Photo Provided By: Mireya Marquez – Mireya Marquez prepares to throw a pitch. As captain, working on speed and accuracy of her pitches is something she prides herself on.

The Rangeview Raiders softball team has just wrapped up their season with a record of 8 wins and 11 losses, with many players moving on to other high school sports.

However, senior and varsity softball player Mireya Marquez is hanging up her cleats for good. This season might be her last, but she is very proud of herself and her team.

“I do not regret a single thing we did this season. We played with charisma every single game and had fun doing what we do best,” said Marquez.

Marquez, who played all four years for the team, was also the captain. She loves the game so much that she prepares for each game in a special way.

“Before games, I usually go home and talk to my mom. When I talk to her, everything goes better,” she stated. “She encourages me and tells me to be relaxed because when it comes to softball, I get angry when things go awry.”

Marquez said that all her teammates also appreciate her intense love for the game because it fires them up and prepares them for battle as well.

Mireya Marquez is sliding into third base, giving a point to the team. This is Marquez’s last year being able to play softball for Rangeview. (Izzy Honey)

“She helps prepare us for games by getting us pumped,” said fellow teammate sophomore Tiffany Smith. “Mireya is a great athlete and person in general, so of course I will miss her next season.”

As for the future, Marquez doesn’t know if she will pursue softball in college, but if the opportunity presents itself, she will take advantage of it. She has been in contact with prospects from Northeastern in Sterling and Otero Junior College in La Junta.

“I don’t plan on playing softball in college, but if I get a scholarship to play then I will do so,” commented Marquez.

If playing college softball is not in her future, Marquez hopes to enter the medical field; pre-med to be exact.

“We wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors. She is a great person and I know that she will put a hundred percent effort in whatever it is she decides to do,” said coach Paul Reil.

Besides softball, Marquez is involved with Rangeview’s leadership program. She serves as the student body secretary and, along with others, she helps to plan fun events for the school. Outside of school, she has a job at a horse track selling admissions. She says she enjoys it, but is only doing it for the time being.

But for now, Marquez wants to enjoy and make the best of her time in high school, “making great memories and bonding with friends” before beginning a new life after graduation.