Rangeview Performing Arts Adjust to Online Learning

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The Real Return to School

January 21, 2021

Students of Cohort A returned in-person to school on this past Monday, January 19th. The return is only...

Aftermath of Capital Riots Continues

January 20, 2021

At this point most of the world already knows about the Capitol riot on January 6th, so there’s no...

BREAKING: APS high schools move to remote learning day before in-person return

October 20, 2020

Less than twenty four hours before Aurora Public High Schools awaited the return of thousands of high...

The Struggles of 2021 Athletes

Recent Sports Stories

Track, We Miss You

September 14, 2020

After a great preseason to the highly anticipated Track season, it was unfortunately cut short due to...

Breaking: No Football This Fall in CO

September 10, 2020

There was big news in Colorado high school sports yesterday, as CHSAA made their final statement about...

Athletes Who Contracted Covid

September 10, 2020

This year was supposed to be the big year for everyone, but little did America know, it would be the...

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