The Germans Write about Rangeview


By Jannik, Celine, Sara, Hannah, Linda and Janine; Guest Columnists

Hey guys! We are German students and we want to tell you something about our experiences in this American High school.
First we want to talk about our prejudices we had before coming to America.

We thought that your schools hadn’t so many students and that the schools aren’t so big. The difference between the students isn’t as big as we German students thought. In our German classrooms we have in all rooms windows so we thought that’s the same in the American High schools. There are no groups like in Germany and this is really great, so in your school isn’t so much mobbing (cliques) as in Germany. The German students supposed that between the American students is a big age difference and that the quality of the classes is not really good, so that the students do not really learn something. From that we reason the American students are very lazy and unmotivated. And the teachers are the opposite of what we imagined. They are really funny and cool and not bourgeois.

One big thing that we expected was that every school had its own school uniform and so all disciples (students) wear the uniform from their school and has their own school tress (crest). We also thought that they wear only chic clothes and no cool loose clothes. And the people of this American high school aren’t as chubby as to the German students were presented. So the America High School movies had given us false impressions.

What was very surprising for us is that on every day the students have the same lessons, in Germany on each day there is another schedule. We were surprised that your lessons are 58 (on Wednesdays 45) minutes long, our lessons have only the time period of 45 minutes, so your lessons are much longer. In our school there is a cafeteria where the students can eat their lunch, and we were not aware that you have something like this too, so we thought that all students buy their lunch on some machines. But we were right thinking about that all students have their own locker and put their stuff in and out at the beginning and end of the school day. In Germany we have to take our school materials to school and back home on each day. After some days at the American school we saw the right side of the American school, now we have another opinion about the American school as before. Here are our new impressions about American schools.

The students are very nice and always say friendly hellos. Everyone gets along with everyone, you are accepted by everybody and you can be who you are. As a student you can wear comfortable clothes and you have the same schedule each day. The school is very large and there are lots of people. Lunch takes place at 10:45 each day and there are lots of fast food and less time to eat. It`s difficult to know what time it is because there are no windows. The teachers are all very nice and do a good job, so you can learn well. Here, in America are many subjects which doesn`t exist in Germany, for example cheerleading, theater, photography, art, swimming and American football, but the school offers not much languages. The students can take what they really are interested in that`s because they are more motivated. The classes go 58 minutes and you have to change your classroom after each class. The breaks aren`t long enough, that`s why you have not much time. Here in Rangeview you have Wi-Fi and it`s allowed to be on your phone in class. After a couple of days we found some differences between our school in Germany and your school in America.

In America you can choose between more subjects as in Germany and we haven’t so many free time activities in our schools as in your school. (We have only a small choir, a small theater and some sports clubs but we haven’t a big pool and no American football, no tennis, no basketball,)In Germany we have only one sport class and we can’t choose between some differences sports. Our students aren‘t as liberal as the students in this school, for example if somebody has a different hair color everybody would laugh at them. I find this very good in your school that the students accept everybody. In our lunch we don’t eat so much fast food as you, we eat more fruits and vegetables. But sometimes we eat some fast food too in our school like pizza. Our school has windows in every room. For us it is a little bit peculiar to be in a room without some windows. We have every day some other subjects but we have every Monday the same and every Tuesday etc. Our lessons are each day 45 minutes long. We have two breaks, the first at 10:10 and our big lunch break is at 12:55 so it is for us y.uncommon to eat our lunch at 10:45.And one of the best things of this school is for us that this school have free Wi-Fi because we have no Wi-Fi in our school because our principal says we can’t have Wi-Fi. His argument is that than everybody plays some games between the normal lessons and then we wouldn’t learn anything.

In conclusion your school is a lot more fun and free than the schools in German