BEE ready for this play


Andrea Reyna, Review Staff

Feature photo by: Andrea Reyna- (From left to right) Jordan Clanton, Matt Etter and Rachel Etter sing one of the many songs from the musical. The play tells the story of a few students competing against each other in a spelling bee. 

There’s no need to go too far for entertainment here at Rangeview, students have said.

This year’s all school musical is an opportunity to see Rangeview’s take on the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The play will be on December 14th, 15th and 16th.

According to Ms. Anne Wolfe, Principal Secretary and director of the musical, “The musical is a funny school spelling bee on stage.” Wolfe also believes that this musical will be enjoyable to people of all ages.

Alyssa Carlson, who plays, Rona Lisa Peretti, the moderator of the spelling bee, introduces the play to the audience. The play starts tonight and ends December 16th. (Andrea Reyna)

The musical itself is a comedy, based upon a few students who compete in the spelling bee against each other. Throughout the musical, students and their backgrounds are revealed through songs, along with those of the teachers and staff involved in the spelling bee.

Wolfe mentioned,  “It is a very small casting.” However, she tried to include all those who came back for callbacks into the musical. As a result, the musical will have ensembles that make the overall production be more “lively”.

Junior Jordan Clanton will play Logainne SchwartzandGrubenierre, who is one of the main characters in the musical. She recommends going to see the show because, “The show just makes you laugh, and all of the characters are so creative.”

There will be opportunities of interaction between the audience and the actors, and it is believed to be a great experience overall.

“A lot of the scenes and lines are unexpected and catch you by surprise,” Clanton stated, adding on to why she believes it is a good idea to see the musical this week.

The prices will be:

$6 for students with an activity card

$7 for students and senior citizens

$8 for adults