The dockless bike phenomenon


Savannah Lyman, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Savannah Lyman- Senior Augustina Nguyen looks at the bikes after school. The bikes are only a dollar to rent. 

A student sits on a LimeBike preparing to rent a bike. To rent a bike you have to have downloaded the LimeBike app and connect it to a credit card. (Savannah Lyman)

For the past few months, there have been a number of yellow and green bikes popping up on every corner in Aurora.

According to, the city started the dock-less bike program, which began October 10th, 2017, where 250 rental bikes were spread out across Aurora for anyone to ride for a small fee.

Aurora is the first community to have a dock-less bike system. The LimeBikes are only a dollar for every thirty mi

nutes and the Ofo bikes are a dollar for every hour, according to

“It’s really convenient,” says senior Augustina Nguyen. “Especially for those who don’t have a car or money for the bus.”

After one is finished riding the bike, they must safely place the bike on a corner that is visible. The bike will then lock in place until the next rider comes along.

In order to ride the bikes, you must download the LimeBike app and connect it to a credit card. Once you scan the QR code, the bike will unlock and be able to ride anywhere within Aurora proximity. If the bike is taken out of Aurora it must be returned.

A group of Ofo bikes are lined up against a parking lot wall. When one is finished renting the bike, it must be returned to a public area. (Savannah Lyman)

“It’s cool I guess,” says junior Chris Martin. “It’s a little sketchy though, what if they get stolen?”

The program is fairly new and the city is still figuring out some bugs with the system. However, they will continue the program for as long as it continues to work, says

If the bikes stay in place for more than 48 hours, company employees will then remove the bikes and place them elsewhere.

“It’s really cool,” says senior Rachel Luckett. “It’s nice for the economy and our community.” For more information on the new Aurora bike systems, click here.