The Locker locks in money


Izzy Honey, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey- Senior Breana Hopper recounts the money in the cash register drawer. The Locker tends to bring in around $300-$400 in profits each week, according to Ms. Watkins. 

Since the renovations from last year, the Locker has blown up into a well-known and successful part of our community here at Rangeview, according to many students and teachers alike. Many students can be seen spending their money in the Locker during their off periods, but where does their money go?

Just from asking a few students who are known to be in the Locker often, it is clear that many Rangeview students do not know exactly where their money goes.

According to senior Rayvon Fisher, “It’s not really talked about. Most people just think the money goes to buying more snacks every week.”

Ultimately, the money from the Locker goes back to the students. According to Mrs. Gebhardt, the leadership advisor, a large portion of the revenue goes towards restocking the store, while some goes towards the funding for many leadership events and activities. A new addition to the store this year is the ice cream freezer, from which the profits go to Rangeview’s athletic department.

“Parts of it is used to buy more supplies and buy the apparel and stuff because it’s like any business,” said Gebhardt. “The other [part] just goes to the student council account. That way it’s used for events we don’t have budgets for.”

Junior Bolu Folarin works her shift at the Locker. The items sold in the Locker are restocked weekly. (Izzy Honey)

According to junior Donovan Strouse– a student who was heavily involved in the renovations that transformed the locker– some of the money goes towards funding for the events that student leadership puts on: paying the DJ for homecoming, buying the bubble balls for the bubble soccer event in the spring, and paying the band that performed at the tailgate in the fall. 

Gebhardt also revealed that the money from the Locker pays for small things around the school, such as buying flowers for the dressing rooms and Mr. Hill for the play premieres.

The Locker also provides leadership students with an opportunity to raise money for the leadership class.

“The students working it, they get paid and that goes to their fundraising,” said Gebhardt. “It’s not like their getting a paycheck for it, but that’s fundraising for the class, because they’re required to fundraise.”

Students in the leadership class are required to raise $160 each year for the class. If they don’t, they lose points and could receive a lower grade.

According to Ms. Watkins, the Locker makes about $300-$400 in profits each week for the school. She also states that the Locker also functions as a service for Rangeview students, not just a fundraiser for leadership.

Strouse commented, “A lot of students aren’t able to go off campus to get food, so we provide that, especially whenever the lunch room is closed.”

In the end, the money students spend in the Locker circulates back to them, though not directly. Each time leadership puts on an event, students have the Locker, in part, to thank.