Rangeview ditches its old policies


Bao Nguyen, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey- Campus monitor Bruce Egloff watches over students in the commons. Campus monitors go around checking for passes, IDs and off period stickers. 

As the new year began, a new attendance policy was introduced. This policy, implemented this semester by Rangeview administration, is based on students ditching classes and states the severe punishments that students could face if they are caught ditching.

If students who ditch class are caught, they will receive in school suspension and will be placed on a trespassing contract the first time. For students who are caught ditching a second time, they will receive a trespassing ticket and will be directed to class.

Junior Beimnet Mulugeta said, “The new ditching policy isn’t necessary because you can’t receive a trespassing ticket if you’re already enrolled at a school.”

Campus monitor, Bruce Egloff, checks juniors Pharoh Moss and Ethan Fray for their off period sticker. If students are caught without a pass or ditching, they are to face consequences. (Izzy Honey)

Students who are in the hallway will be asked by a hall monitor if they have a hall pass or an ID that states when they have an off period. If students fail to have a hall pass or identification of an off period, they will be marked down and given an in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.

Junior Hana Fentahun said, “If you have a trespassing ticket, that’s going to go on your record which could affect your acceptance to a college. If the administration is trying to give us a good education. Then why would they put that on our records.”

The new attendance policy has been added due to the numerous amount of students who have ditched their classes during 1st semester. Administrators have hope that the number of students who attend class will increase.

Social studies teacher Ms. Walsh said, “Yes, I do believe the new attendance policy is necessary because for students to learn, they need to be in class.”

With the addition of the new policy, teachers who are assigned as hall monitors have become more vigilant of students walking in the hallways. Hall monitors are located outside of the science department next to the new wing hallways and near the door that leads out of the commons and into the CCC.  

Assistant principal Mrs. Hartford said, “We noticed that there were many students skipping classes last quarter and throughout the entire semester. There were really no consequences so kids kept doing it, and that’s why we had to put this into place so that a consequence was tied into it so we’re hoping kids will stop ditching their classes.”