CMAS? More Like NO MAS


We were told there would be no more tests after taking the ACT or SAT in junior year. The most important tests that Colleges/Universities will be looking at to see how well you can perform. Looking forward for graduation and passing the first quarter, the class of 2015 was given a new test: CMAS (Colorado Measure of Academic Success). The new CMAS test is important for High Schools because it shows districts how they can make adjustments for the students who don’t have the proper knowledge before graduation.

Hold up, let’s rewind to the part where I said no more tests after taking the ACT or SAT. Just why was the class of 2015 being tested again after being told no more tests after Junior year?

The test consists of Science and Social Studies, but after taking CSAP, TCAP, Explore PLAN, ACT, and SAT, we have never been tested in Social studies before. Many students didn’t like how the new CMAS test was set up.

Marissa Tracey, a Senior who looks forward to graduation, does not agree with the new standardized test. “It didn’t feel like Social Studies,” said Tracey, “it was asking me questions about budgeting and the Economics.”

Rangeview only offers one Economics class for students, so it was unfair for almost all of us.

Senior Andrew Williams said. “I didn’t like how the test was set up there was a lot of Biology and I have never taken Biology.”

There was some Physics and some Chemistry in the test, but like Andrew, I never took Physics.

What most Rangeview students didn’t like was how Rangeview planned for three days to finish the test. “It’s only 70 questions and two different test,” exclaims Tracey, “It shouldn’t take three days.” To at least make CMAS a little more interesting to take, William suggested that the school offered breakfast like they did in ACT and also let us not continue with school after taking the test.

Usually, after taking an important test, we’re able to take the rest of the day off, but that didn’t happen for CAMS. This gave a message that the test was not all that important since Seniors are tested and not let loose afterwards.

Rangeview isn’t the only school who thinks the new standardized test is useless, at Fairview High School, only seven out of 538 students took the test. My idea of protesting was to take the test but not do that well on it. Let’s be honest, who really tried their best on the CMAS test?

No one liked the test, how it was set up or how Rangeview planned it out for three days. I don’t think anyone got the feeling that they gained anything from it. Normally, like after taking the ACT, you feel satisfied because you did your best and all the weight on your shoulders is alleviated. This test didn’t do much of anything.