Mr. RHS raids our hearts


Connor Rodenbeck, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Connor Rodenbeck – Senior Ky Broussard is crowned Mr. RHS. Even though there was a winner, all of the boys did great and raised a lot of money for Make-A-Wish. 

A line of eager parents, peers, and staff members started to form at 6:30 P.M, thirty minutes before the show started. As people took their seats in the dimly lit auditorium, the air began to buzz with excitement.

In a week dedicated to Jackson, Rangeview’s wish kid who is struggling with leukemia, a completely wholesome and fun event was needed to lighten the mood. We are celebrating Jackson after all.

Senior John Ponciano dresses as Beyonce in a performance of “Single Ladies.” This was one of the many creative talents that were showcased. (Connor Rodenbeck)

Mr. RHS is an annual tradition at Rangeview. It is a satirical take on a pageant, without the catty drama normally associated with them. The twist is this: boys are the contestants.

They perform many acts to show off their “talents”, which range from theatrical monologues, singing, dancing, and even making a sandwich. Then, the boys change into nice clothes and are escorted by someone of their choice to the Q&A portion of the show, where they answer questions in an attempt to impress the judges.


Student Leadership has been working on this event for over a month. They want it to be as successful as possible to keep the tradition going.

“I’ve been looking forward to being the head of this event for four years,” says senior Olivia Muzylowski. “It was amazing to be in charge of this and it was so much fun!”

Grueling rehearsals took place in the days prior to the show. The boys had to practice a choreographed dance so that it would be perfect on the day of the event. This dance was certainly a crowd pleaser.

The talents did not disappoint either. Many of them stood out because they were hilarious. Senior John Ponciano dressed as Beyonce and performed a dance to “Single Ladies.” Freshman Alex Easton told dad jokes. All of the boys had memorable talents.

Senior Roxeanne Oyesile stated, “I really enjoyed it and the boys did fantastic!”

The boys all had escorts, ranging from girlfriends, best friends, and even siblings. They all answered questions thoughtfully.

The judges were Mr. Fay, Ms. Velander, Mr. Gonzales and Rangeview alum Steven Thai. They deliberated and chose a 1st and 2nd place.

The anticipatory crowd drum-rolled and Ky Broussard was announced as Mr.RHS, with Manuel Cerna as the runner-up.

“I’m very humbled that I got second place. I think that all of the competitors tonight had something good to offer,” Cerna says.

Broussard was given a crown and cape with his title of Mr. RHS. He looked so surprised when his name was called, but he made sure that the audience gave all of the boys some appreciation.

Freshman Griffin Muzylowski lip syncs upside down. The Auditorium erupted with laughter at this performance. (Connor Rodenbeck)


“It feels overwhelming,” he stated after the show. “I don’t know what to do right now. I’m in shock.”

He may be surprised, but it is no shock that he won. His dance performance was exuberant and fun. In fact, all of the boys did great. Even if the talent wasn’t actually a talent, it was all for the sake of fun. And the money goes to a great cause: Jackson.

“I can say with confidence that Rangeview High School has some of the best looking guys in the world,” Cerna said.

Other schools might refute that statement. However, Rangeview certainly has boys that aren’t afraid of what other people think. They are authentic in everything that they do.

In one word, they are charismatic.

If you want to continue to support Jackson during this Wish Week, you can attend Jackson’s Luau, a casual dance that is sure to be fun.