Urine for a treat


Senior Spencer Regan and other APA Musical students perform. You can see this performance at 7pm on February 22th, 23th, and 24th.

Connor Rodenbeck, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Myriam Alcala – Senior Spencer Regan and other APA Musical students perform. You can see this performance at 7pm on February 22th, 23th, and 24th. 

This year’s APA Musical production is of Urinetown, a story about a city enduring a terrible drought. In the play, there has been a government ban on private toilets and public restrooms are controlled by a private company.

This play is a satirical take on things such as the legal system, capitalism, and social irresponsibility, in which many say is a challenging production for the APA Musical class to take on.

“[The play is] unique and challenging for my students,” director and teacher Ryan Hill says, “but they have taken it head on and persevered.”

The musical is comedic in essence. It tells the story of main character Bobby Strong– played by senior Spencer Regan– who is leading a rebellion in order to gain freedom from the government monopoly.

Female lead Donovan Strouse is kidnapped in the show. The prices of the play are $6 for students with an activity card, $7 for students and senior citizens, and $8 for adults. (Myriam Alcala)


A condensed version of the play was performed for Mrachek middle schoolers and Rangeview performing arts classes on Wednesday.

“I got a sneak preview and it was really good,” senior Cynthia Corral states. She expresses her excitement for it, saying “it is the last APA musical of my high school career.”

Many would say that this show is bittersweet for the senior performers. Several of them have performed in a lot of shows in the last four years and Urinetown marks the last one for some of them.

“I’m feeling down about it,” says senior performer Jared Wolfe,” but I’m excited for the play.”

He says that the audience can look forward to his portrayal of the “bad guy”, a role that he hasn’t played since his freshman year.

Mr. Hill expresses the same feeling at this being their last show, but he remains positive.

“It’s sad to see the seniors go, but without their group of performers, we would not have been able to produce such a challenging show,” he said.

You can catch Urinetown at 7pm on February 22th, 23th, and 24th. The prices are as follows:

$6 for students with an activity card.

$7 for students and senior citizens.

$8 for adults.