Josiah is on his way to Pueblo


Tahir Springs, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Ayden Clayton – Allen poses in front of the camera after coming out of the tunnel before the game. The game was against Gateway in which Rangeview beat Gateway 48-27.

On January 22nd, 2018, senior Josiah Allen made his commitment to CSU Pueblo public by announcing it on twitter and many say it didn’t come as a surprise. This season is what many would call his best, gaining over 600 yards and totaling seven touchdowns, leading him to be selected for the 2017 All-State football team.

“I chose CSUP because it was the best place for me,” says Allen. “I know some some of the players and they are all guys that will bring the best out of me because they want to win.”

Many people around Allen have nothing but the utmost confidence in him as he continues playing football into college.

Allen catches a ball that leads him to score a touchdown. It was one of Allen’s seven touchdowns of the year. (Tahir Springs)

His high school head coach Brandon Alconel says, “Seriously, he will succeed because of his work ethic and obviously he’s talented and he just understands the game.”

For Allen, playing college football was something that didn’t cross his mind until half way through his high school career.

Allen says, “Honestly it wasn’t until my sophomore year I felt I could go far with football and play at the next level.”

Now that he’s reached his short-term goal of playing in college, he’s begun to think of some long-term goals to continue to challenge and push himself after college.

“I want to go to the league after, but if not I’ll start a career in being a computer engineer,” says Allen.

Some would say Allen is continuing the legacy of his uncles Larry, Elijah, and Aaron Reed who all graduated from Rangeview High School and continued to play football in college. Larry went on to play at Black Hills State University, Aaron went on to play at Colorado Mesa University, and Elijah went on to play at the University of South Dakota.

Allen has the chance to gain knowledge about playing at the next level before he makes his debut by asking his uncles for pointers and about their experiences. But for now, Allen is focused on enjoying the end of his senior year before he makes his big transition to college.