Rangeview Students Walk Out for Justice


by Jonathan Headley

Today, a massive walk out occurred at 10:00 in a march to the municipal building, taking the sidewalk the entire way. The humungous crowd chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” in protest of the Ferguson Shooting, which occurred last month, and the ruling of “Not to Indict” this Monday. As the crowd exited the building, a voice could clearly be heard saying, “Really?”
One of the staff members directing the crowd consistently stated, “Make sure it’s for a reason! Don’t just ditch.” As the crowd approached the flagpole, the leader, it seemed, of the walkout gave a short speech:
“I want a cop to come out here and see me with my hands up. Are you gonna shoot?” the unidentified student said.
Several students revealed signs that they had made, one of which said, “They can’t kill us all,” in a very intense message coming from high school students.

Students being escorted by police as they walk towards the Municipal Center.
Students being escorted by police as they walk towards the Municipal Center. (Jonathan Headley)

On the other side of this walk out, Assistant Principal Ian Mulligan stated, “I’m proud of our students for exercising their rights, and frankly, I hope that they remain safe.”
Mulligan was at the rear of the crowd, guiding the students to make sure that no one was harmed, and to hear the message. Many other staff members included Principal Ronald Fay, almost all of the monitors, and the majority of the Assistant Principals.
After the initial walk out, a prayer circle of about 20-30 students was led by senior Kenny Agbim.
Jakiyah Glasco, senior, said, “Seeing the way that walking in the street and driving with police escorts, we’re praying for their safety.”
Hinkley and Gateway also have walkouts occurring, in concurrence with our school.
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Rangeview Students on the Walk-Out (Jonathan Headley)
Rangeview Students on the Walk-Out. (Jonathan Headley)