Female owned is the new black


Dominique Harlan, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Dominique Harlan – Bahi Cosmetics’ models Dominique Applewhite (left) and Altea Kelly (right) advertise eyeshadows Gem (blue) and Velvet (red) for the Bahi Cosmetics campaign, featured next to the infamous Sunflower Sweets Serum. While the website is under construction, Bahi Cosmetics plans to restock their eyeshadows, serum, and add new products. 

To conclude Black History Month and introduce Women’s History Month, I researched three black female-owned businesses in order to carry out the support and liveliness of not only black owned companies and their influences, but companies that would not be possible if it were not for the strength of women alone.

Below are three female black owned companies that provide skincare/hair care products, headwraps, accessories, and more.


  1. Bahi Cosmetics 

Twenty year old Danielle Bahi is the owner and founder of Bahi Cosmetics, a growing makeup and skincare company that offers natural products free of parabens (preservatives) and irritants. They are also cruelty free and vegan.

Bahi said, “…[Bahi Cosmetics] was created for people of all shades, complexions, and races with a special emphasis on uplifting dark skinned black women who are often unable to find makeup that works for them.”

Bahi Cosmetics founder and CEO, Danielle Bahi, poses for a picture in Atlanta, Georgia. In an interview with Esscene, Bahi said, “I’m here to help others. I genuinely want to help people achieve great skin and be comfortable in their skin.” (Picture provided by Jon Cee Visuals)

Bahi Cosmetics’ website features products ranging from toner/astringent sprays to highlighters and skin primers.

“I recently heard of their company, I’ve been looking into trying their coconut face mask,” said junior Hana Fentahun.


Arguably one of their most popular products, their sunflower serum serves to fade dark marks, maintain moisture and acne control, and provide elasticity.

Briefly looking into their makeup section, Bahi Cosmetics currently carries six eyeshadows that, “…provide superior color, coverage, and long-lasting wear.”

Ultimately, to get the best use out of their products, Bahi’s website recommends to understand your skin type

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  1. Fanm Djanm

Poala Mathé is the owner and founder of Fanm Djanm (meaning strong woman in Haitian Creole), a company that is mainly publicized for its head wraps but features other clothing items/jewelry as well.

Mathé stated, “The head wrap, when I wear it, makes me stand taller. It makes me feel like I can take on the world. It signifies hard work. It signifies strength, confidence, beauty.”

Fanm Djanm model SharDey Tutu is featured above. Tutu is showing off the Honey head wrap and Luanda cuffs, which can be found on the website. (Pictured provided by Poala Mathé)

Mathé immigrated to Harlem, NYC and began making a life for herself in the United States beginning at age 12.

Years later, Mathé now serves to inspire and empower women while focusing on celebrating the strength and diversity of women worldwide.

Fanm Djanm originally only offered eight head wraps, but now, “…has transformed into a head wrap collection and lifestyle brand that serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly,” according to Mathé’s website.

Fanm Djanm also carries handbags, jewelry, kimonos, and more. The company also enforces a zero waste policy through reusing and recycling fabric and offers free shipping on orders of $75+.

On the topic of head wraps, senior Nathan Jones said, “Head wraps, just like their hair, gives them (women) a way to express themselves and have a sense of individuality. They allow them to go against the social norms regarding how hair is ‘supposed to be.’”

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  1. Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens, mom of five and owner of Camille Rose Naturals features a line of skin and hair care products that are targeted to, “…modern natural hair sophisticates who care about their total health, beauty and wellness.”

Building her business from the ground up, Stephens’s products can be found in Target, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Sally Beauty.

The Lemon Meringue Body Butter by Camille Rose Naturals is shown above. Not only is Stephens heavily invested in hair care products, she also prioritizes skin care products. (Picture provided by Camille Rose Naturals)

Stephens is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and states that she commits herself to using the highest quality of ingredients for her products which are vegan and cruelty free.

Camille Rose Naturals also offers free shipping on orders over $100+.

“I’ve never used their products but I’ve been them before in stores. I would be interested in trying them out in the future,” said junior Dawnielle Lewis.

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Female black owned companies are growing in number month by month and year by year, and their representation serves to impact and inspire several people around the world, especially women.

We as a society must remember to fuel the productivity of female black owned companies in and outside of Black History Month. We must welcome and celebrate women in and outside of Women’s History Month.