Opinion: A talk with Mr. Fay about the Achievement Gap


Ayden Clayton, Review Staff

Feature photo by: Ayden Clayton- Senior Angelica Aguilar finishes English homework during her off period. After the conversation with Fay, he began investing his time on closing the achievement gap.

As my story with the achievement gap went great lengths with students & media outlets, it also caught the eye of a lot of administrators across Aurora Public Schools. My opinion piece caught the eye of Rangeview’s, principal, Mr. Ron Fay.

A few weeks ago Mr. Fay and I had a sit down discussion about the subject of the achievement gap at Rangeview High School. He told me things along the line of, “I want to start chipping away at it.” The conversation between us was very impactful and a good step in the right direction.

Ronald Fay’s office is located behind the attendance office. For any questions or concerns you can go there or set up an appointment. (Ayden Clayton)

Fay asked me multiple questions to get an understanding on what’s going on here at Rangeview. I told him about not only my experiences, but the experiences some of my peers have had as well within the classroom.

We talked about how minority students are, as far as being in a classroom, what problems a lot of them are facing, and more. 

The next talk will have about four administrators of Rangeview that plan to listen to everything I need to get off my chest.

The one thing that I suggested to Mr.Fay was to have a meaningful conversation with our minority students. The sit down would consist of around 5-6 students and we would talk about ways we could all chip away at the achievement gap here at Rangeview.

Mr. Fay was telling me about times he’s noticed the achievement gap and people that he knows that would love to converse about the achievement gap with some of our students to put recommendations into each other’s heads about how we can close the gap.

If you would like to be a part of the conversation send me a email at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible about being invited to the meeting.