Sticking to a common goal


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jayden Foster – Junior Kaylyn Kilmer jumps up into the air in order to catch a lacrosse ball during a scrimmage game. The girls will have their first game of the season tonight at Rangeview against Smoky Hill High School.

Unity– a word that is not taken lightly by the Rangeview lady Raiders lacrosse team.

With many new girls joining the lacrosse team this season, there is a new dynamic introduced to the team. This new dynamic has forced many of the ladies to prepare much harder for the season since some of them had never even picked up a stick before two weeks ago.

Senior Captain Harlee Curtis says, “I’m really excited to see the new girls play for the first time because a lot of them are very eager to play.”

Curtis later explains how important it is that the ladies have a strong work ethic rather than having a perfect technique. Being the most experienced on the team– having played since the 6th grade– Curtis brings a lot more experience to the team and she is able to recognize when the ladies are working to do and be their best.  

Kicking the season off with their first game against Smoky Hill High School, some of the girls feel it is a game that will help set the tone for the rest of the season.  

Junior Thea Maniatis practices for the upcoming lacrosse game. This season, the girls welcome new coach Erin Mansur to the team. (Jayden Foster)

Senior Brianna Love admits, “For the new girls this game will definitely show them how the sport works and how to play the game.”

Comparing the odds from previous years with Smoky Hill, the Rangeview ladies are looking to be the underdog in this match up.

The lacrosse program is a fairly new program to Rangeview High School and looking at past years, it can be said that Smoky Hill has definitely dominated Rangeviews’ ladies as Smoky Hill has an undefeated record against Rangeview.

Despite losing many times against the school, many of the girls believe that they are going to gain something more valuable than a win: more experience under their belt.  

“We want to keep unity strong and have no drama on the field,” says junior and goalie Kaitlyn Mearing. “Even the new girls are displaying that they have some skills.”

The ladies are working on improving some skills such as shooting, communicating and being familiar with the game overall. Despite the inexperience of the team, the experienced players say they have much to offer for the team.

According to coach Erin Mansur, “I’m really confident [for the game Thursday]. The ladies have played scrimmages against each other. Which has helped with their communication skills and technical skills. They have well established leaders on the field and they will kick some buns.”

The lady lacrosse team will take on the non-conference competitor Smoky Hill High School Thursday March 8th on Rangeview home turf.

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