Espino kicks her way to graduation


Feature photo by: Savannah Lyman- Senior Yorlenie Espino sits outside while doing her homework. Espino began kickboxing when she was fourteen years old. 

Savannah Lyman, Review Staff

Every day, senior Yorlenie Espino comes to Rangeview with a smile painted on her face and her head held high. After a long day at school Espino doesn’t go home and do homework like an average student. She will be spending her night training and working out for her next kickboxing competition.

“I train three days a week for one to two hours,” says Espino. “I train to improve myself and to become better at what I do.”

For Espino, kickboxing has been an outlet to relieve stress. She began her journey in the ring four years ago and continues to compete and receive awards.

“Kickboxing affects me mentally by showing me that there is more to people than what they seem on the outside,” says Espino. “It has emotionally changed me by allowing me to become happier, fearless and confident.”

Espino talks to senior Kyra Smith during her off period. Espino says her friends and family keep her motivated throughout high school. (Savannah Lyman)

Currently, Espino is working on her black belt in karate and continues training by doing jujitsu on the side.

Despite her love for kickboxing, Espino spends her remaining time doing photography and being with her friends.

“A quality I look for in a friend is someone who I can relate to and who can be trustworthy,” says Espino. “My favorite way to spend my time is hanging out with my friends and family. My parents keep me motivated but my mom is my inspiration.”

Throughout her years of being at Rangeview, Espino has made many friends along the way.

“I would describe her as compassionate and funny,” says senior Jackie Soriano. “She cares about everyone and is really nice which makes her a good friend.”

Many of Espino’s friends describe her as loyal, compassionate, and overall a great person.

“She is an awesome friend,” says senior Selam Araya. “She has the best personality with people; I have no bad memories of her.”

With all the memories she has created and all the challenges she has overcome, Espino is ready for the next chapter of her life.

“After high school I hope that I can travel more,” says Espino. “I am most looking forward to trying out new things I couldn’t do before but I am also nervous. [I’m nervous] about not knowing what to do in a situation I have never encountered with.”

As Espino wraps up her time here at Rangeview and prepares for graduation, she looks forward to what the future holds. Until then, Espino will continue kickboxing and spending as much time with her friends as possible.



Espino (blue gloves) competes in the Just Bang Muay Thai competition. To watch the full competition click here.  (provided by Yorlenie Espino)