Winter Choir Concert Jingle Bell Rocks


Mr. Laguana conducting (Alivia Lee)
Mr. Laguana conducting (Alivia Lee(

By Alivia Lee, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Last night Rangeview hosted its annual winter choir concert and in just about one short hour the holly jolly feelings of the holidays were spread throughout the audience by the amazing performances.

The groups performing included men’s choir, women’s choir, accidentals, rhapsody, chromatics, concert choir, and a duet. While all of the  performances were superb, some of the biggest performances included “Lean on Me,” performed by accidentals, “Nutcracker JIngle” performed by Chromatics, and “Carol of the Bells,” performed by all groups.

Besides the music and sharing holiday cheer through song, part of the motivation behind the event was to help out a family in need. 50% of the ticket sales and anything raised through donations will be donated to Paige Roth’s family, whose husband was diagnosed with Progressive Ms and JC virus.

Overall the night was a success, over $1,000 dollars were raised for the Roth family and the performances were excellent and put any audience member in a jolly mood.