Fortnite Catches the World by Storm


Featured Photo By: Kenny Nguyen- Senior Xavier Cuascut plays Fortnite on his phone during his off period. Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox, PC, and iOS devices.

By: Kenny Nguyen, Review Staff

If you’ve been around the video game community, you have probably heard of the video game phenomenon: Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Ray Green takes a photograph of win on Fortnite. Many players take pictures and boast on social media when they win a match (Ray Green).

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Epic Games which involves a group of one hundred people battling it out, trying to be the last person (or group) to survive. The players drop down onto a large map where they find many different weapons and resources to survive.

Avid Fortnite player Abel Negussie says, “Everytime I go home, it’s a decision: will this be a night or will it be a Fortnite? It’s a lifestyle. I’ve learned to build, it’s a skill set.”

In Fortnite, players are able to gather resources and build certain buildings and walls to create a fort. Building in Fortnite has the player building and upgrading walls, floors, and stairs to defend themselves along with traps.

Fortnite was originally released as a survival game dubbed “Save the World,” but then branched out into the Battle Royale, which instantly gained a huge influx of players.

When asked about Fortnite’s new position in the video game community, senior Bryan Fierro stated that “it’s free… it’s fun and it runs really well… I think it’s awesome, it brings back the MW2 atmosphere, everyone’s playing it and everyone’s having fun.”

Fortnite has become one of the latest gaming phenomenons and has been gaining a massive amount of players. According to, there are currently 10,300,000 players and counting.

However, Noah Sung, in fact, feels the opposite. “It doesn’t appeal to me. [My friends] are just like: let’s go play Fortnite at my house. Why can’t we do something else? Why can’t we go eat?”

Sung believes that Fortnite is a good game, but it just has no appeal for her, “the dancing is fun though.”

Overall, Fortnite has has a large impact not only in gaming, but through social media and even real life.