World Unites in Solidarity Against Paris Attacks


The French gathering to support Charlie Hebdo (
The French gathering to support Charlie Hebdo (

By Alivia Lee, News Reporter

Tragedy has struck is Paris and continues to not only shock Parisians also gain international attention and sympathy. Early Wednesday morning, 12 people were shot and killed by masked gunmen at the Charlie Hebdo publication. Over the years Charlie Hebdo has been recognized for their satirical and occasionally offensive writings.

As of today there has been another hostage situation connected to the two suspects of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Friday in Paris, hostages were held captive in a grocery store where the suspect was connected to the Charlie Hebdo shooters.

“I saw a quote in the newspaper that said they’ve been dealing with issues since 2006,” said French teacher Melissa Bradford. “It wasn’t completely shocking that they were threatened, but the fact that they actually used guns and killed people is pretty shocking.”

Shock, fear, anger, and solidarity- these are just some of the emotions and that have been sweeping through France as this has been one of the first big tragedies in decades.

Some members of the Rangeview community will be travelling to Paris this Spring and have chimed in on the current situation.

“Honestly, I’m not worried to travel to Paris. Hopefully by the time we go it will all die down,” said sophomore Briana Matarrese.

Anytime a tragedy like this strikes, it leaves fear and worry among many people, but decades have passed since Paris was faced with something like this, which has added to the drama and feelings that have been sparked.

“Of course anytime you travel you worry and think about the isolated events but I’m it’s not something we should become worried about,” said Bradford.