Profiling New Teachers


Jose Ornelas

Linda Count
Department: Business
Before Rangeview: Count went to CU for her undergraduate (Bachelor of Science) degree in Business Marketing and the University of Montanta for her Masters of Business Administration. She worked in telecommunications for 20 years. Count has been a teacher in middle school, teaching business and computers.
Why Rangeview: Count wanted a challenge and high school was the next step up from middle school. She also wanted to back to her marketing and business roots.
Fact: Plays World of Warcraft with family.

Eve Rutherford

Eve Rutherford (Jewelanne Stewart)

Department: Language Arts
Before Rangeview: Rutherford worked for the past three years at a private school (Denver Academy of Torah High School). She taught 9th-11th grade English and was the athletic director, with only 29 kids in the school.
Why Rangeview: Rutherford was looking for a change, wanting to work at a public school. She also heard good things about Rangeview.
Fact: An Extra in Taking Woodstock, walked in front of main actor Demetri Martin.

Jonathan Wells
Department: Language Arts
Before Rangeview: Wells worked in cell phone technology and went back to school to become a teacher. He taught at Aurora Central last year for student teaching, and was hired by Rangeview in his first year as an official teacher.
Why Rangeview: Wells really liked the staff that interviewed him and the core values of the school.
Fact: Is a Metalhead.

Lindsay Glasscock
Department: World Language
Before Rangeview: She was teaching for eight years at Regis Jesuit, girls division, teaching Spanish and yoga. She also served as the diversity director there.
Why Rangeview: Glasscock wanted to teach in a public school.
Fact: Registered Yoga teacher for four years, doing yoga for seven years.

Melissa Hughes
Department: World Language
Before Rangeview: Hughes lived in France, teaching English last year.
Why Rangeview: Hughes wanted to move out west and Aurora was a great fit for her.
Fact: Studied abroad in France for a semester.

Kim Whatley
Department: Math
Before Rangeview: Whatley was a math teacher at Murphy Creek for five years, teaching 7th-8th grade and Core 1.
Why Rangeview: Whatley was looking for a professional challenge. She heard that Rangeview was an awesome place to be and that the math department was very supportive.
Fact: Undergraduate degree was in theatre, worked in the theatre industry for ten years.

Jeanette Causey

Department: Science
Before Rangeview: Causey taught for five years in the Boston area and at Aurora Central for 18 years.
Why Rangeview: Causey wanted a different challenge and heard a lot of positive things about the school and the students.
Fact: Only spoke French when she started school, taught her father how to speak English.

Kendall Yoder

Jonathon Wells (Jewelanne Stewart)

Department: Language Arts
Before Rangeview: Yoder worked in retail for six years, and didn’t like it. He went back to college and got a degree in education, teaching at Sheridan High School last year.
Why Rangeview: Rangeview hired him full time.
Fact: Rode his bicycle from Denver to Seattle, Washington in a month at the age of 24.

Chad Forde
Department: Social Studies
Before Rangeview: Forde taught at North Middle School last year, and taught high school in Minneapolis, coaching boy’s tennis there.
Why Rangeview: To Forde, Rangeview is the perfect school. It has the diversity of all the different demographics and a very positive climate as compared to other schools he has been to.
Fact: Taught English in Japan.

Casey Hafner
Department: Social Studies
Before Rangeview: Hafner was a student teacher at Aurora Central and was selling office paper for six years prior.
Why Rangeview: Hafner heard really good things about the social studies department and wanted to work with a diverse student population, and really wanted to work at a high school. All three aligned at Rangeview.
Fact: Lived six years in D.C., across from the capital.

Kat Bardash

Kat Bardash. (Jewelanne Stewart)

Department: Math
Before Rangeview: Bardash was a math teacher in the Bronx and moved to Colorado two months ago.
Why Rangeview: Bardash says she is here at Rangeview based on pure luck, but she is happy she is here.
Fact: Moved to Colorado because she liked to rock climb and travel.

Shannon Evans
Department: Math
Before Rangeview: Evans has been a teacher for nine years, starting in Texas and moving to Colorado four years ago. She worked at Aurora Central.
Why Rangeview: Evans saw amazing things at Rangeview. She had the opportunity to observe some of the classes here and wanted to be where awesome things are happening.
Fact: Started college as a jazz piano major.

Eileen Yakish
Department: Science
Before Rangeview: Yakish just finished up student teaching at CU Denver and taught at Aurora Central and North Middle School.
Why Rangeview: Yakish subbed here before and found the students to be nice. Rangeview also reminds her a lot about her own high school.
Fact: Looking for a house close to where wild plants grow.