Walsh named “Civics Teacher of the Year”


Feature photo by: Ayden Clayton- Walsh stands by the board while teaching her sixth period Civics class. Walsh has been teaching for around 25 years.

By Ayden Clayton, Review Staff

This past month, Rangeview High School’s very own social studies teacher Mrs.Walsh was awarded the civics teacher of the year. Walsh was recognized by Governor John Hickenlooper for her exceptional teaching here at Rangeview. Walsh has been a teacher for around twenty years and has many accomplishments.

“I really believe that she deserves it,” said junior Kayla Kim. “She’s a really good teacher, and she always is very helpful and kind which reflects on the awards she has; she really deserves it.”

In the past, Walsh has won numerous teacher of the year awards and put in place many records in her profession. Many say she is the best teacher here at Rangeview because of the way she provides her content.

Students take down notes after watching a political cartoon in Walsh’s class. Many students say her way of teaching embodies the key values of a great teacher. (Ayden Clayton)

“I’m humbled and very honored,” said Walsh. “It’s all about the students, and it justifies my content that I teach and it’s not one that a lot of teachers like to teach because it’s political… In today’s society especially, because people need to be educated more than they use to be.”

Many students can attest to Walsh’s effective style of teaching, and express that it has been helpful in their education.

“Walsh is my favorite teacher because the way she interacts with me and other students,” junior Francis Ntumy said. “… she gets to know her students on a personal level and that really helps us in learning because she is someone we as students can trust and learn from very well.”

For Walsh, winning civics teacher of the year has not been only a great accomplishment but also an experience that students may not get to see with their other teachers. Walsh combines her love for teaching with her ability to inform her students about what is going around in the world, and also the ability to connect with students and make a difference in their lives.