Hulu vs Netflix; Tools for Binge Watching.


Michael Cordova; Op-Ed editor.

With all the smart phones and inexpensive laptops, most people are accustomed to the age of technology that we live in, but a favorite innovation of mine is the upbringing of Internet TV. Services like Netflix and Hulu have been around for quite a while and are super convenient, but are they really a good investment? Personally, I have an account for Netflix and Hulu Plus that I use almost daily for either background noise or just to catch up on my shows. Each one is nice in its own way, but for some reason, Netflix has a much higher user base.

“Netflix is just simple,” says Junior Emiliano Barela. “It’s always there when I just want to relax and watch some shows.”

Now, it is apparent that Netflix has been constantly improving its service and gained more and more subscribers since its uprising, but why is this? I believe that Netflix is a nice service to have, but I don’t think I would ever actually pay for it myself. With subpar movies and TV shows that are coming out years after their cancelation, I find it only is good for the background to my gaming. That’s my opinion, but on a broader scope I can see how it can be the best thing ever for people who are into watching bad movies or binge watching shows that they should’ve watched when they were on air.

Hulu has a really bad reputation, but in reality it’s far better than Netflix. Sure the movie quality doesn’t increase, but it’s basically a cable box that records everything. If you have a bunch of homework and don’t have time to watch your favorite show or if you want to watch a show that is on at the same time that your parents are watching Desperate Housewives, then you should really get Hulu Plus. It’s got all the best fall shows listed less than 24 hours after they air, so you can catch up on any season that is currently going on or one that’s already ended.

The downside to Hulu, and the main reason it gets a lot of negativity from other user bases, is because of the ads. Many think that because you pay for service you shouldn’t have to spend sixty seconds watching an ad. A WHOLE SIXTY SECONDS ER MER GERD WE GON DIE. No, no you aren’t. Honestly I don’t believe ads to be a downside; I might even consider it a good thing. The Ad revenue helps Hulu stay afloat and earn more contracts with TV channels to have better shows, and those small ads give you a chance to refill on snacks or grab another soda.

Whether it is 8 seasons of Scrubs in a couple weeks or the pilot for CW’s “The Flash” We live in a society of binge watchers, and everyone has a preference as to where and how they watch their TV.