Teacher of the Year: Laguana

Teacher of the Year: Laguana

Kenya Lee, Review staff

Feature Photo By: Kenya Lee – James Laguana poses for his Teacher of the Year photo.

As we celebrate another year, we are able to celebrate another teacher. James Laguanna has been working at Rangeview high school for ten years and has always been in love with music.

“My senior year of high school I took four choir classes and I was like that is gonna be my life,” says Laguana.  

Many students say Laguana teaches his kids way more than how to hit a note. Not only that, but he talks about money, and choices that will benefit you in the long run.

Indeed when it comes to life, what better person to ask than a teacher who not only connects with students on a high note but on a deeper note, at least for some of his students.

“He really did deserved [to win], at Rangeview there are many deserving teachers but I feel like LG [Laguana] is the most phenomenal teacher because he just has a deeper connection to almost all of his students,” juniors Heidi Ryhys Aguon and Alexander Moreno said. “He makes you feel like you are part of something like his family and I don’t know, it just makes you feel loved”

As for family, his first priority is along with his friends but when it comes to teaching music he is a non-stop machine. Especially since he taught himself how to play the ukulele, along with the drums, and piano. When he is not teaching students and has free time, he hangs out with his friends, travels the world, and even binges on Netflix.

“I am pretty excited, I have been voting for him for male teacher of the year every year since I have gone here… as a teacher you know he is so chill and laid back he is such a good teacher to deal with,” says senior choir student, Jamien Walker said. “ He is a good teacher because he sets his standards, goals,.. He wants us to set goals and to achieve those goals”

At the end of the day, Laguana may be just another teacher and another person but to students in and out of the music room he is a friend and a mentor ready to guide and lift any of his students’ spirits.

“Walk in front of me, I will not follow. Walk behind me, I will not lead. But walk beside me and we will walk together.” Choir teacher, Mr. Laguana’s favorite quote.