Opinion: College Track’s big move worries some


Brayan Melendez, Review Staff

Feature Photo Provided By: College Track –  A photo of College Track seniors “Launch to College” is shown above. College Track sends 99% of its students to their post secondary plans in an annual celebration called “Launch To College”.  Above are all the class of 2017 graduates holding up their respective schools that they attended.

Next school year, College Track (CT) is moving east toward Gateway High School and will no longer down the street for Rangeview students to quickly walk to, leading many RHS kids to worry about their ability easily walk there.   

“I think for the people who don’t drive it’s definitely gonna be a conflict, and for the people who can drive I think it will be good,” stated junior China Noeun, a CT participant.

CT is a college success program that is the all-access key to help students surpass their goals. This after school program is designed to empower students by proving their power in society. CT also provides academic tutoring, test preparation, and is a guide within the college admissions process. It is also a tool for unleashing the potential students have with its service goals and passions using its Student Life program.

CT is very prominent within the Aurora area as its home school is our very own Rangeview High School. CT has been providing help at Rangeview for over eight years. But, how can this service spread to other schools?

Thanks to donations and funds, College Track Aurora is now expanding and changing locations in order to serve another Aurora community school: Gateway High School. With a college ready index of 2.5 (According to the U.S. News Scorecard) Gateway High School will benefit immensely from CT.

When asked about his feelings on the expansion, CT junior, scholar board member, and CT Ambassador Hana Fentahun said, “We finally get more space! I’m happy to see other kids in my Aurora community feel the CT love.”  

They are a massive support for the wellness of their students by providing a safe space where students can receive mental help. Currently, the CT program serves over 2,800 students across six locations in the United States (Los Angeles, Denver, Aurora, New Orleans, Washington D.C. Philadelphia).

CT Aurora Operations Manager Lance Tsosie, said, “[College Track is] such a big impact on kids. We’ve seen so much growth and success at Rangeview. Im bouncing off the walls knowing that we will be extending to another APS school.”

The new location is 15509 E Iliff Ave Aurora CO, 80013 –- just up the street. However, this location is farther than the original location for current CT Scholars, thus stripping away the ability to walk to CT in a matter of eight minutes and seconds seconds after school. Students have said they can drive or find rides from other friends or family members.

But, there is still a large student population who don’t have any way of getting a ride.

CT is aware of this and after speaking to regional executive director Vanecia Kerr, CT has a plan: “We know some students can’t find a ride to attend College Track, but we also know that we won’t let that be a negative factor in their experience. We are organizing shuttles with our College Track vans that we use for off site activities, and are working on obtaining RTD bus passes for our students.”

Once again, CT is literally giving students first class transportation towards their dreams.

There is no doubt that CT needs to be everywhere. Soon enough, we’ll all be on track to college and beyond. Education is the foundation to the future for America. Minorities have dreams of reaching for the sky and implementing a difference in the world we live in today. Some of the most amazing and passionate students are CT Scholars and thanks to CT, they know that the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning.