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Sam Newman, Webmaster

Feature Photo By: Raider Review Front Page  The Raider Review’s new subscription box can be seen on the right side of the screen on the Review’s homepage. To subscribe, simply enter your email into the designated box, check the consent check box, and hit SUBSCRIBE NOW!’

The Review has a new subscription system up and running!

The program that the Raider Review has used in previous years to manage subscribers and to send out subscription emails began demonstrating severe issues last year. Our subscribers may have noticed a variety of problems, from being spammed with dozens of emails a day to receiving ‘updates’ about articles posted years ago. Of course, the Review staff didn’t enjoy this any more than the poor subscribers having their inboxes blown up with outdated posts, so we took the initiative and fixed it.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to carry our past subscribers over to our new program, so we ask that all of our followers subscribe again, in hopes of a far improved experience. You can expect to receive a welcome email within an hour of subscribing; if you do not, check your spam or promotions folders.

Our emails are still under development. As the year progresses, our subscribers can expect to see cleaner, more informative emails being sent out. Until then, just bear with us!

Thank you for remaining loyal to the Review, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our content and updates.


The Raider Review Staff