Unexpected schedule changes


Bao Nguyen, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Bao Nguyen – Ms. Velander teaches her Spanish class. Some freshmen students were affected by the schedule changes specifically in language courses.

As the new school year begins, a large number of students have enrolled at Rangeview. Because of immense classroom sizes, two new teachers have been hired: Ms. Ortiz, a new Spanish teacher, and Ms. Cooling, a new physics teacher. Last Monday, 536 students received new schedule changes.

“It gets very annoying and stressful. Not a lot of people pay attention,” sophomore Griffin Muzylowski said. “When some people don’t pay attention, eventually everyone doesn’t start to pay attention.”

As three weeks have passed, students became familiar with their teachers. According to some students, the recent schedule changes not only switched students with different teachers but also with different periods for classes such as science and world language.

Junior Urbano Marquez looks down at his schedule. Last week, 536 students received an unannounced schedule change (Bao Nguyen).

Changes to students’ lunches were even made. “The only thing that happened to me was that I had a new teacher for chemistry, but my peer didn’t switch,” freshman Taliah Wells said. “I think it should have been done earlier, like last year, because they kind of knew how many kids they were expecting.”

Approximately 146 additional students enrolled at Rangeview than the projected number. Due to a rising number of students, classrooms also expanded for students and teachers. The increase in students prompted an expansion for two new teachers, and is also responsible for late schedule changes.  

Freshman Vivian Tran said, “I think it’s alright, but we already had four weeks with our previous teachers. It was kind of difficult that we had to be switched after the four weeks, but overall it’s okay.”

Due to this change, students must adapt to their new teachers and periods. The consequence of an immense population at Rangeview according to students, caused many unexpected schedule changes, severely affecting many students at Rangeview.