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Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Yucheng Zhang Senior Jordan Clanton poses with her homecoming ticket. She is among many students who are very excited for homecoming week.

For many Rangeview students, the much anticipated week of homecoming is in the final cut.

September 10th marks the kickoff for what many agree is the most eventful and spirit-filled week at Rangeview.

As unveiled last year, the theme chosen for this year’s homecoming is movies. Within this, each individual class is subdivided by movie genres. The following are the movie genres with their designated classes:

  • Freshman – Animation
  • Sophomores – Comedy
  • Juniors – Sci-Fi
  • Seniors – Action/Adventure

“The theme overall is great,” says junior Marcella Nguyen. “It’s very solid and fun. For juniors, our theme has created pretty good ideas and we hope it all looks good.”

This year will continue the tradition of competition between the classes. Each class will have different opportunities throughout the week to contest each other in the ultimate battle to see which class can earn the most points for homecoming. The winning class is announced at the dance.

Similar to prior homecomings, each day of the week provides students with different dress up days that correlate with the overall theme. Participation in these dress up days will help individual classes earn points; the class with the most participation will earn the most points. With that being said, there is a lot of room for a variety of different costumes that students can pick to show off their favorite movie characters or dress up as their movie alter egos.

The dress up days are listed as the following:

Above is a flyer created by Student Body Historian Abel Mesfin to be shared around the school (Abel Mesfin).
  • Monday – Movie Mayhem Monday: dress up as your favorite movie character
  • Tuesday – It Takes Two-sday: pair up with a friend to come as your favorite movie duo
  • Wednesday – On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: wear pink
  • Thursday – Raiders in Black (and Red): sport your Raider spirit gear

“Dress up days are a way to get every student involved to the extent of which the student wants to participate,” says senior Tristan Sommers. “You can either go all out or just do the minimum, but no matter what, you’re participating.”

Many students share this sentiment and hope that the dress up days will inspire some creative, wacky, and fun costumes to be shared around campus.

Alongside the dress up days, student leadership has planned a number of different evening events for all Rangeview students to participate in and enjoy. At each activity, there will be a head count and the class with the most participants will earn points for their class.

The evening events, their locations, and times are as follows:

  • Monday – Tailgate at the Rangeview track, after school
  • Tuesday – Talent show in the auditorium, 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday – Jaws Pool Party at the Rangeview pool, 6:30-9:30 pm (This event has a limited number of tickets which will be sold starting friday for $3)
  • Thursday – Homecoming football game at APS Stadium, 6:30 pm

Throughout the week there will also be a number of lunchtime games taking place through both A and B lunch. This is again another opportunity for students to represent their class and earn points, with first, second, third, and fourth place getting 100, 75, 50, and 25 points respectively.

Here are the lunchtime games that will take place during both lunches:

  • Monday – Movie Trivia
  • Tuesday – Guess That Phrase
  • Wednesday – Save the Citizen Relay
  • Thursday – Top the Pop

“I’m really excited for the lunchtime games because it’s a chance to see individuals from each class compete in a friendly competition outside your typical football or volleyball game,” says junior and Student Body Treasurer Alli Powell. “I’m looking forward to the homecoming football game most because the atmosphere is always really fun and everyone is having a good time no matter what the score is.”

If you missed the one day sale on Wednesday, tickets will be sold throughout the week at the bookkeeper, where you can pick them up for $15 with an activity card and $20 without. If you choose to purchase your ticket at the door, they will be sold for $20 with an activity card and $25 without. It’s also important to note that each student can only purchase one ticket and exceptions will only be made for students with a guest pass.

“Rangeview has the biggest homecoming in the state, and this year should be even better,” says senior and Student Body President Donovan Strouse. “Leadership has been working incredibly hard — since last year — to make this one of the best homecomings Rangeview has yet to see. It’s been hard especially with the early deadline, but I think we’ll pull it all together.”

The homecoming dance will be held on Friday, September 14th from 8-11pm.