The new wing merges into Rangeview


Feature Photo By: Rediet Ayanaw- Main entrance of the new wing has now expanded due to construction over the past year. Its hallways have been talked about by many students and staff. 

By: Rediet Ayanaw, Review Staff

Of the new additions set in place for the school year, six classrooms were added to the new wing with the purpose to provide new classrooms and more space. Both excitement and disappointment have been heard throughout students and staff members.

Equipment and Upgrades:

As it has been noticed by students in the new wing, there has been a shortage of the items and upgrades needed for the classrooms.The walls are not yet completed, but the process is moving faster. In classrooms, students have reported that trash cans, clocks, and other necessary items were not in the classrooms when they first walked in at the beginning of the year.They now have most of the requirements needed. More classrooms were added, which helped out overcrowded classrooms a lot as well. The new lighting that was added gave the rooms more of a natural light rather than the normal lights in other classrooms.

Math teacher Mrs. Curtis Basham confirms, “…didn’t have T.V., had limited information; still waiting for the whiteboards…” adding,“it’s a work in progress.”

Engineering teacher Mr. Brown, who is right next door to Mrs. Curtis Basham, stated, “I understand things aren’t perfect right away.”

The unfinished walls have made students question when the new wing is going to be fully finished. (Rediet Ayanaw)


As the seasons continue, the temperature in the building should be updated to fit the environment.

Teacher Mr. Brown states, “something about the temperature… it seems like it’s either cold in the room and warm in the hallways, or hot in the room and nice and air-conditioned in the halls… it’s always one or the other.”

The temperature in several of the classrooms has been reported by students saying it is boiling hot in first period but freezing cold by fifth period.

Sophomore Blessed Asare said, “If the majority of students aren’t comfortable with the temperature, it should be dealt with.”


As it may have been known by the many students who walk past the new wing every day, there is a smell — an odor as some people put it. It can be detected mostly in the hallways and locker areas.

Asare, who walks past the new wing almost daily, states, “there have definitely been odors going around school and it personally can get distracting and can affect other students.”

Mr. Brown has also reported the smell to the administrators. He claims that he has gotten bad headaches from the horrible stench. Research shows that functioning on a headache is not a great idea and is usually more common for adolescents to be triggered for a headache.

Other teachers are not be concerned with the smell at all.

Mrs. Curtis said, “That’s on the lowest level of the things I’m concerned about.”


The smell is getting better and the halls are definitely advancing, according to students like Asare who pass by the halls.  

“The math department is absolutely thrilled about the new wing addition,” says math teacher Mrs. Curtis.

She also adds in how nice it is to have her own room.

“Nice to have windows,” Mr. Brown states. He has been in rooms that do not have windows for the past twenty years. A nice view seems to be wanted both by students and staff members.