Catching up with the season


Feature Photo By: Oscar Perez – The defense stands on the sideline watching the offense in a huddle. The Rangeview football team has accumulated 70 points over its season thus far.

 By: Oscar Perez, Review Staff

The football season is halfway through and it is not what many predicted. The team has a 1-4 record in its league, meaning there has not been many success with winning as many would have hoped.

So, how does this affect the team in the long run?

The chances for the team to make playoffs are slim. The Raiders would have to go on to win the rest of their games this season to even qualify for playoffs, which some might say is quite a goal to accomplish.

The defensive side comes off the field after successfully stopping the opposing team from scoring. The boys have an away game against Prairie View High School Friday September, 28th. (Oscar Perez)

Thursday September 21st, the team won against Adams City which gave a thrust of hope for the team. Varsity player and junior, Siaosi Vakafuhu said, “We’re going to use our first win as motivation to always keep our temple up and to always persevere.”

Over the past five games, the team has conceded over 150 points and has scored 70 points overall. This might leave room for discussion : what is the team doing wrong?

 “A lot of them are new and may just lack the experience,” according to varsity cheerleader and senior Nicole Beno, “I think they just need more time to get used to playing with each other. ”

Stats show that the team’s completion, receiving yards, rushing yards, and tackles record is around 40% below the national average. Many would say with that low success can come retaliation. With four games remaining, there is still a chance for greatness.

Fan and junior, Isaac Jaramillo mentioned “I feel like the team got this. I mean their first win definitely gave the players motivation and they’ll hopefully be able to pick up things for the remainder of the season.”

Tune into Friday’s game the 28th, where the Raiders will have an away game against Prairie View at the Thunderhawk Stadium at 7:00 PM.

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