Mr. Rangeview is Strouse


Toli Geshow, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Toli Geshow – Mr. Strouse sits inside the athletic office preparing himself to do athletic director duties. Mr. Strouse said, “I want Rangeview High Schools athletic programs to be inclusive, all welcoming, and providing opportunities for as many kids as possible.”

Victor Strouse has impacted students at Rangeview high school for 32 years; he has worked at Rangeview as an Athletic Director for 14, has been head coach of boys varsity soccer for 31 years, and girls varsity soccer for 26 years. As a former 5A Athletic Administrator of the Year, Strouse has made ample contributions toward the athletics of Rangeview.

“His contributions to Rangeview are big because he organizes all the sports events as the athletic director,” said junior Julian Cuscaut. “He has to make sure dates and transportation are organized and without Strouse it would be hectic here.”

Without Strouse, we wouldn’t be alerted with game schedules and locations. Many can agree that his job is far too important for the school. Strouse spends many hours throughout the day making sure that the community is aware of the any changes that are to be made and any updates.

“My main goal has always been that the program is known for integrity, fairness, treating kids properly, and allowing kids the opportunity to express and to achieve the goals they want,” said Mr. Strouse. “If I’ve done that then that’s good enough for me.”

Strouse, as an athletic director, is responsible for dividing the budget for all the teams, scheduling games, ensuring students are eligible to play, and making sure the staff best suits each team. Many athletes around the school would acknowledge Strouse for making Rangeview sports as hyped and popular as it is today.

Sophomore Ehadji Diallo defends during the first half of September 20th’s game against Brighton. Many say Strouse has made the varsity soccer program very diverse with a mixture of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. (Toli Geshow)

Julian also added, “Strouse doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves because students don’t really understand what he does and how much work goes into his job.”

Many can say that Mr. Strouse is well known figure at Rangeview High School. Many students can describe his personality as hard-working, determined, and humorous.

Dean of the Students of Rangeview, Terry Anderson said, “This place runs because of Mr. Strouse — genuine and upfront, you can’t find a better human being than Mr. Strouse. Rangeview wouldn’t be Rangeview without Mr. Strouse.”

In the years Strouse has been a varsity soccer coach, his team has had “mostly good years” and “a few bad or weaker years” as Strouse puts it. As of today, Strouse has a record of 109-33-10 since the 2009 season. Many say the program has given a spotlight to many great players such as Alexis Flores, Davey Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, and many more.

“Strouse makes us individually a better person and at practice he constantly tells us to go to class and do a good job,” said junior Forward Rashid Seidu-Aroza. “If we don’t go to class it affects our playing time; I think that’s a good attribute of Strouse.”

Many can say that Strouse is for the people whether he spectates the cafeteria during lunch, ushers students into the large gym during assemblies, or gives encouragement to aspiring athletes.

“Rangeview has been a special place not only for students, but staff members and there’s always been something that separated Rangeview,” said Strouse. “There’s a sense of community and a sense that the staff cares about the kids and kids care about the school.”

Many in the Rangeview community say that Mr. Strouse embodies what a true Raider is.