Opinion: The truth about student-teacher relationships


Elizabeth Serrano Mier, Review Staff

Featured Photo By: Elizabeth Serrano Mier – Social studies teacher Mr. Sandt engages with his student as she asks for help with her academic work. He sits facing his students ready to answer any questions needed.

High school is difficult enough with the loaded work, planning the future, and the after school activities or jobs. As students, it is necessary to find ways to help relieve the stress even if it’s for a short amount of time. It’s important for teachers and students to connect one on one.

Majority of the time, people depend on others; however, some people don’t have stable friends or family to guide them through life. Especially in high school, so many things are going on, one cannot make every decision alone.   

Students don’t usually see them as such, but teachers are real human beings with real feelings and real lives. Why not depend on them for certain circumstances where they could be genuinely helpful?

“I find it important to be close to teachers and to get to know them because you’re there for four years,” Senior, Indi Sandika said. “[Especially on] senior year, they’re more like a bigger support because senior year you’re going through emotional and physical stress so they’re there to support.”

Nowadays, some parents may assume school is a breeze and there’s no reason to stress out to the point where mental, emotional, or physical pain is brought out regularly.

Teachers have been through the high school and college stress; they could be more understanding. They have daily experiences with a diverse student body and because of it, they see the different ways students have in order to deal with their school assignments and stress. Even just having them listen to the way a student feelings could make a difference. They might extend due dates or offer personal tutoring.

Principle Fay contributed by saying how if students aren’t comfortable, they won’t find value or purpose in the learning environment, which is agreeable and can be a reason why many lack attention in classes.

Sophomore Rachel Etter focuses on her assignments as class comes to an end. She is comfortable working alone. (Logan Stott)

According to Steinhardt NYU, “When teachers form positive bonds with students, classrooms become supportive spaces in which students can engage in academically and socially productive ways.”

You may be learning about how an author uses language to create a purpose; but what if you also learned how you could help out in a family or friend trouble? An educator could also help with that.

On a more personal note, students may not realize teachers have experiences that could be about family, friend, drama, even death or other serious issues. They were able to get through high school despite the troubles they ran into and it could be a guidance for you.

“Over time I get to know them and I ask them about their personal lives and maybe I’ll share some of my life,” STEM teacher, Mr. Browns explains. “I may also share my experiences to help them navigate some troubles.”

By talking and trusting a teacher, it could gain students the advantage of being able to have a second to breath throughout the eight hour school day depending on the teacher.

Brown goes more into detail by stating, “I will give them a chance to maybe leave the classroom in order to deal with the situation rather than have to be thinking about it or being bothered by it while we’re doing the work in class.”

Freshman football player, Brian Figueroa says, “Other teachers I may not get along with. Maybe they don’t like me or I don’t like them. It depends on the personality.”

Especially during the beginning of the school year, teacher start off by being strictly about school work. They rarely smile or joke around. Isn’t there at least one class you dread going to because of the teacher and how difficult he/she makes it to learn?

That is a major problem on why many student prefer keeping questions or concerns to themselves. The blame shouldn’t be on only teachers. Students could be so disrespectful it may cause teachers to want to keep distance with certain students.  

Having a closer bond with teachers can useful because:

  • You’ll have a bigger support system
  • It’ll allow them to help you out with assignments or college prep
  • It creates a better learning environment for all
  • Teachers have more life experiences to offer if you pay more attention.

It’s obvious it won’t be easy to get along with every teacher and not every single one is willing to get more personal with students. But having a few who you can count on can be a huge advantage throughout high school, especially if you began earlier in your high school career. At the end of the day, teachers are also going through life difficulties and relying on one another can improve your outlook towards the future.