Addressing student voice in STUCO’s first forum


Myriam Alcala, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Myriam Alcala Last week, STUCO had their first public forum. Freshmen Trinity Walker said, “I feel like they don’t pay attention to us.” These types of emotions are said to be the cause of the forum, with the goal of increasing student body voice. 

Last Friday, October 5th, student council hosted the first public forum of the school year. The forum was held in the auditorium during fourth period; two different panels of STUCO members answered questions and addressed the concerns of the student body.

Many students said they enjoyed the panel because of the voice it gave them. (Myriam Alcala)

Many students are wondering why host a forum now? Several students believe that this is the result of a growing problem due to lack of communication between the student body and leadership.

The panels consisted of students both with a position and delegates. (Myriam Alcala)

The two pre-chosen topics discussed in the forum included homecoming and student involvement. There were high hopes for the event and its impact.

Sophomore Angela Tuner, STUCO delegate, said, “I hope this help is come together and understand each other more.”

From dressing up for homecoming, to the color dance, and even touching on reasons why students don’t participate in events, several topics were covered and many believe this is a step in the right direction in regards to including student voice in STUCO decisions.

“I think [the forum] was okay, there are problems but like the rest is okay,” commented freshmen Daniela Garcia. 

STUCO says that this will be the first of many forums to come and will be the first of other things that will help incorporate student voice.