RHS administration squashes “false rumors” of school threat


Alexis Drummond, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Alexis Drummond – This broken glass was found in the main entrance doors after our second lock-down that happened on Friday, October 26. “I think the accusations are fake, but only God knows what is going to happen,” said freshman Austin Appiah.

Today, rumors began spreading around Rangeview that there might be a school shooting tomorrow on Halloween based on an alleged social media post.

The rumors are widespread on Snapchat, according to many students. Word is spreading fast across social media and many students are worried — some are already reporting that they won’t be in school tomorrow. But those in charge of safety at RHS are calling for calm.

“I am kinda scared even if it is a joke,” said Sophomore Sami Asfaw. “I still feel uncomfortable because this happens a lot around the U.S.”

Assistant Principal Tammy Strouse has been investigating the threat along with law enforcement since this morning, and according to Strouse, they have been hitting dead ends because it is believed to only be a rumor.

Students walk up the steps towards the main entrance. Most students are upset that anyone would make a threat towards the school; however, many still don’t even know that there is a rumored threat towards the school. School leaders are confident in the school’s safety. (Alexis Drummond)

Yesterday, October 29th, was our third lock-down in a week. Despite there being no correlation, some students are associating the lockdowns with rumors of a school shooting.  

According to dean of students Mr. Terry Anderson, many are concerned — teachers, students, and parents have all stated that they have been worried.

“We’ve gotta take every threat as it’s a possible action,” said Anderson. “As soon as we stop, that’s when it comes up and bites us in the (rear). In the past, people have taken threats too lightly. We have to be vigilant at all time. We [adults and students] gotta know how these things affect us emotionally.”

Administration staff report that they are doing everything in their power to make students feel safe at Rangeview. They have been digging deep into finding who made the original threat, and why. All of the administration staff and law enforcement has been working hard to uncover the truth and the details about the rumors that are spreading, Strouse said. School leaders have stressed that it is important not to let rumors take away from students’ education.

“Tomorrow is business as usual,” said Strouse. “Your safety is our number one concern. Anytime a threat is made against our building, we investigate it fully.”

If you have any information or have heard further rumors pertaining to the threat of safety to students and staff, make an RHS dean aware, or submit an anonymous report to Safe2Tell,1-877-542-7233.