RHS cheer and poms count down to league tonight


Amor-Leigh Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Amor-Leigh Wilson – The varsity poms team marks their trouble areas in order to perfect their league dance. According to both the cheer and poms team, Prairie View High School is the school which they need to look out for tonight.

Tonight, November 7th, both the cheer and poms team will perform in the large gym here at  Rangeview, in hopes to stand out for nationals and gain as many points as possible in areas such as technique and sportsmanship and for state.

The Rangeview cheer team has came in first every year for the past five years and expect to keep the streak alive. Prairie View and Grandview High School are the lady Raider’s biggest competitors when it comes to this season.

Varsity poms practice their performance for league while “focusing on energy and breathing”. Varsity poms won first last year and expect to win first this year, according to coach Katie Termeer. (Amor-Leigh Wilson)

“All of us have been working hard and I want to continue our winning streak,” said Jordan Higgs, senior and varsity cheerleader. “I want us to be in sync as one unit, not as many individuals.”

The cheer team has several newcomers to the varsity team and wants to keep the themes of patience, diligence and understanding throughout their performance strong.

“We are seen as the underdogs when it comes to other schools, but Rangeview has something special because we have built a standard for ourselves. We want to see everyone succeed as a whole and not just as a single,” added senior and varsity cheerleader Kaitlyn Yoder.

The Rangeview poms have been working extremely hard. With its biggest competitors being Prairie View and Thornton High School, many say the poms are coming into league strong.

Senior and Rangeview pom Donovan Strouse said, “In past years we have been able to compete very well and kick butt.”

Just last year, the girls won first place at league with a 9th place overall standing at state.

Poms Coach Katie Tremeer doesn’t compare her team to other teams, and says that she instead focuses solely on, “…motivating them to always improve. They are all here for a purpose.”

Hopes for this season are attainable according to Tremeer as she expects the team to make top 5 at state and come in first at league.

The first league performance starts at 5:45pm. The RHS varsity poms team will perform at 7:15pm, and the RHS varsity cheer team will perform at 7:25pm.

Varsity Poms sits in a circle imagining their league performance. The team will start its performance tonight at 7:20 pm. (Amor-Leigh Wilson)