The Writing Center welcomes students in


Nealani Elliston, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Nealani Elliston – The Writing Center takes place in the English department in Mrs. Pratarelli’s room, room 233A.  Pictured above is the makeshift sign on her whiteboard surrounded by fairy lights.

Struggling with that research essay? Don’t understand the difference between a dash and a semicolon? Can’t figure out a topic? Just need someone to read over your writing?

The Rangeview Writing Center is the place to go.

Student works in the commons during off period. (Nealani) 

Founded by Mrs. Pratarelli and Ms.Bakersky, The Writing Center, which opened last January, aims to help students improve both their papers and writing skills.

“The Writing Center is a student-led, college style support space for all parts of the writing process,” says facilitator Pratarelli. “In most classes, there’s a writing component- social studies, English, even math!”

The Writing Center is run by students excelling in English all the while showing their leadership skills.

Senior Maya Anderson is one of these individuals, and stated, “I joined The Writing Center staff because I’m very passionate about writing. It’s cool that I can help people with their writing and get them to be excited about it.”

Students rush to class during passing period. (Nealani)

There are currently seven tutors in The Writing Center staff. Students are interviewed every year and those selected go through one-quarter of training. The tutors are mostly taught social/communication skills. 

An important element of The Writing Center is that students often feel more comfortable with peers reading their work rather than facing the intimidation of asking a teacher or the cost of getting outside help. According to, when it comes to tutors it’s expected to pay on average $30 to $40 per hour for a high school student and up to $85 for a certified teacher with experience.

The tutors at the writing center are there to solely offer support and lead students down the right path with their writing in the friendliest way possible.

Despite being a helpful source for all students at Rangeview High School, The Writing Center isn’t being utilized. Few students are taking the offered help.

Student lays his head down during an off period, ready for the end of finals week. (Nealani)


This could be because of the scheduling and lack of off periods but  Mrs. Pratarelli has high hopes for the future of The Writing Center, “I see definitely continuing to build tutors, communicating to parents and students that it exists, and hopefully having our own space and more time.”  The Writing Center is currently held in Mrs. Pratarelli’s classroom, room 233A.

Currently the WC is interviewing for new tutors. They are on the hunt for strong writers and mentors especially in 10th and 11th grade. You could really boost your resume and help out your peers in the process.  If you’re interested email Mrs. Pratarelli at [email protected]

The Writing Center is open Tuesdays and Thursdays during 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th period and Wednesdays after school in room 233A.