Chess reigns as king of the clubs

Chess reigns as king of the clubs

 Kenneth Stauffer, Reporter

Chess is a highly cognitive demanding board game in which each side has 16 pieces which can do a large variety of different moves. Chess has been played, in some way or another, in a multitude of countries across the globe. Places such as Britain and Asia have greatly helped in developing the game, but it originated in India around the 6th century; they called it Chaturanga. The board game is quite popular; we even have a chess club here at Rangeview.

“Chess club is about more than all the babes that come with it, it’s about the community”, Says Brandon Neary, a member of the Chess Club. Though he was joking around, the Chess club does have a wonderful community. When walking into the room, one can immediately feel the energy the members bring. Everyone is very cheery and friendly, quickly accepting new members into the club.

Aside from their contemporary boards, Chess Club also has boards based on TV shows, among other things. One of the most noticeable boards they have is a board where the pieces are about ten times larger than the normal pieces, averaging about a foot tall each. They have a board based on the Simpsons, and have a board where all of the pieces are shaped like people.

The chess club’s sponsor is Mrs. Soya. Every meeting Mrs. Soya brings food and drinks for the chess club to enjoy. They meet after school each week on either Thursday or Friday, in room 206.

Chess is so popular around the school, some kids don’t even wait for chess club to play. During 5th period in the Senior Section, people such as Branden Neary, Jesse Santana, Mario Currie, and Josh Cotton, bring chess boards and they often have tournaments amongst themselves. Brandon Neary is even so good at Chess, he is part of the Chess Team.

Rangeview has both a Chess Club, and the Chess Team. The Chess Team travels around going to competitions and competing in other schools. Last year, the Chess Team won 2nd place in their division, and this year they were invited to a state competition where they represent our region of Colorado. They hope that this year they make it to States.