Raider football coach to be announced soon


Javon Harris, Sports Editor

Raider football team huddle around before the start of a game. (Javon Harris)


The breaking news of the head football coach Dave Gonzales firing that started the new year off for Rangeview High School has left the Raider community curious as to who will fill the spot of “Coach Gonz.”

Interviews for the new football coach are complete, and a new coach will be named any day, sources said.

“We expect to have that head coaching position filled within the next two weeks,” said Vic Strouse, the Athletic Director at Rangeview High School. “The qualities we’re looking for in a coach starts off with a great track record of success at the High School football level and experience.”

Since the firing of Gonzales, the Raider football team has been without a coach for more than a month, leaving the players for next year very motivated such as soon to be senior wide receiver Elijah Reed.

“I wasn’t nervous at all for our team next year,” said Reed. “We were lifting weights and getting stronger each day, and at the same time we are building our team chemistry and developing together.”

With the recent news of a hiring coming very soon for the Raider football team, other players are eager to start over. Junior defensive back Devante Wheaten has held a different outlook on the whole situation.

“I’m very excited to see who is next,” said Wheaten. “It’s a new start for everyone and we have a chance to build something great.”

Since Rangeview High School athletics have always had very good seasons in years past, the coaches have had a lot to do with that success, and the next Head Football coach has some big shoes to fill.

“There are three excellent candidates for the position,” said Shawn Palmer, the head varsity basketball coach and one of many on the committee for interviewing and hiring the new coach.

Moving forward, the Rangeview community hopes to find out the new head coach soon while the players are already preparing for a new start in the weight room.