NHS welcomes new members


Rediet Ayanaw, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Rediet Ayanaw – Sophomore Brianna Sanchez enjoys the after party with a slice of pie.

Rangeview’s National Honor Society welcomes new members. Their annual welcoming assembly took place on November 6th, 2018 at 7 pm. National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that helps students in high school with scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, and even prepare them for college. NHS looks for creativity, leadership, service, and overall hard-working students who care about their education. Rangeview NHS is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Located in all 50 states of America and some countries overseas, NHS claims they are one of the biggest educational groups in the country.

Before that, new students were welcomed into the club by a sign that they were instructed to wear all day. 

Junior Sierra Hunt walks up to receive her certificate. She is a new member to the club (Rediet Ayanaw).

The assembly was open to anyone who had an invitation. Many families, friends, and even staff members joined the ceremony to see the students

being handed out their certificates; the orchestra and Mr. Laguana’s choir class performed leaving the audience clapping.

“I don’t think they (NHS) look for necessarily the smartest or the most successful, but the most driven- those who are the most motivated,” says sophomore Iyanla Ayite– Ayite is a new member of NHS.

The introduction ceremony had a performance where candles were lit as the students pledged into the club. It was hard to see anything but the candles.

After all the speeches and the honorable mentions, people were invited to the after party where there were free refreshments. Teachers were available to talk with students and family members. Many walked out with a drink and a piece of cake feeling proud of their achievements.  

People are hard to see as the auditorium darkens as the new members say their pledge with a candle (Rediet Ayanaw).

Sophomore Brianna Sanchez said, “I enjoyed the assembly, it was a nice way to say ‘good job’ to students who worked hard.”

According to research, rewards are good for motivation and can help students feel as if they are closer to their dreams and goals than before. National Honor Society promotes leadership qualities the most and recognizes those who have achieved just that.

“I look forward to the impact and change that will develop me for the future,” said sophomore Blessed Asare. “I was excited to see how I would be inducted into NHS the most.”

For the people joining, their hopes for the future remain, as only time will tell if NHS truly lives up to its motto.