Fundraising dips at Rangeview


Feature Photo By: Thomas Russell – A box of candy sits in the commons. Many students are selling chocolates and candies during this grace period.

By: Thomas Russell and Jessie Robertson George, Review Staff

Here at Rangeview, the fundraising policy has changed. People aren’t allowed to sell candy anymore, they can only sell healthy snacks now. Also, it has become more involved in the way that it has to be checked by Mr. Strouse and at least 15 people or more in the club and to fundraise.

The gay-straight alliance club (GSA) has commented on the matter regarding fundraising. The leader of the club, Aris Bluh says, “The process is hard and we can’t really get it done. They told us that [we had to stop fundraising] because it was disrupting classrooms and violating health regulations.”

According to members of the KPOP club, they have had a similar experience with the new change in fundraising policy. Last year at the tailgate, they were only able to sell Choco Pies, and they haven’t fundraised yet because of the change.

“It’s hard to sell things that match with the policy,” says junior Patience Clasen, leader of KPOP club. “I think it hurt my club because we can’t sell things related to the club anymore, and we won’t be able to make any money.”

Students in the GSA (gay-straight alliance) club casually hang out during a meet-up (Robertson-George)

Anime club is not sure yet of the effects regarding the change in fundraising that it’ll have on their club. “I don’t know yet,” says senior Kendra Strauss, leader of the anime club.

Last year, people sold candy to fundraise for their clubs. People still sell candy on the down low. For their safety, they wish to remain anonymous to avoid any punishments. They said that because it’s so hard to fundraise, they still need to sell candy to fundraise for their clubs so they can still be able to purchase items for the club.

       4 different clubs have commented that they have at least one or more members that are selling candy, sugary drinks and/or other snacks that are no longer allowed to be sold. According to the different clubs, the change has hurt club revenue and also limit the items they can sell that relates to the club.