The Locker and RHS clubs make their sweet and temporary return


Brian Vasquez, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Brian Vasquez – Pictured above is one of the various food items currently being sold. Every club has to sell a different food in order to avoid competing.                       

Due to a recent change with the ban of promotion and selling in public schools made by former First Lady Michelle Obama, schools have been granted a two week period to sell any sort of junk food ranging from chips, to sugary drinks.

Many extracurriculars and clubs at Rangeview are benefitting heavily from this opportunity, as the increase in business has clearly been evident.

“It has been busy,” said junior leadership student Julian Cuascut. “Since we had to get rid of what people like we haven’t had anything like this for a while.”                                                                  

What many consider to be the downside for both clubs and students is that this is not a permanent change to the current regulations. It is only a two week period and it forces all the clubs to compete to sell the most products.

The Locker has now been stocked up similar to the way it was last year with sweets and other junk food items. This new change has been in place for the past week and a half, ending today (Brian Vasquez).

According to Assistant Principal Mrs. Strouse, the selling of sweets is not allowed to be sold during lunch due to them now competing with the food served in the commons.

“It’s frustrating — it’s kind of like a feeding frenzy of who can sell the most,” said Principal Ronald Fay. “I wish we could change that law so we could allow our kids to have those great experiences that those amounts of money in previous years afforded us to have.”                                                                                

Students have been very satisfied with the transition of low fat snacks to sugary options  currently available in the locker and through students.

“It is honestly great being able to have these types of foods available to us and them being very easily accessible really has been good,” junior Taj Brown commented.

From the way the past has been going, the number of people buying and selling has become something very largely seen in this school during these past few days.

From the locker to extracurricular activities, many believe they will see positive progress for fundraising money due to this temporary change.